Teach you how to delete the drop down box and relevant search love Shanghai negative information

1, Shanghai 贵族宝贝tousu.baidu贵族宝贝/

after we click Submit just waiting to love Shanghai can be, well, have you learned? In today’s Internet, we do business, always encounter such negative information, there are a lot of people have an ulterior motive for profit, the release of negative information behind, today we can love Shanghai drop frame and related search feedback.

in order to protect your appeal to successful treatment, recommend the details and reasons for applying encountered, in order to ensure the timely and accurate judgment and administrator to handle your feedback. If the information is incomplete or unclear, the administrator will be very difficult to make a judgment. (within 500 Chinese characters) to effectively maintain the legitimate rights and interests of you, please upload the picture, can only upload a picture.

when your company keywords appear negative drop-down box when love Shanghai search, what should we do? For many people at a loss what to do, there are some people is to find some software to brush, search needs to achieve the simulation of human search false negative information to squeeze under tension. Now I tell you a method, completely free, want to learn? Then follow the single Jen information with a look.

2, click on the page snapshot complaints, then click on the search drop-down box and relevant search feedback, as shown below, fill in the corresponding title, keyword search, processing entries, e-mail, detailed content, upload data related to the picture to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

: "love sign complaints

How to operate

believe that in the near future, Shanghai will become more and more love for users to consider, for malicious posts, malicious attacks, will also have the normal channels for feedback delete included. This paper from the single Jen information, please indicate the source, the original content from www.srzxjt贵族宝贝

is more effective to maintain the legitimate rights and interests of you, please upload the complete information on the following

1. if personal information infringement delete, please upload your ID card or photo scanning

we can make information relevant to the complaint to love Shanghai, love Shanghai were removed, as long as they can prove the existence of slander or acting in this content, we can through normal channels.

2. if by the counsel of complaints, please upload the agent’s business license or ID, the Law Firm lawyer license authorization, proxy scan or photo



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