The chain really want to break up a permanent forum signature

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based on the above analysis we can see that the forum signature really is and the chain of fate has done, don’t break up only endless entanglement. Timely attention to search engine dynamic change, the optimization strategy is to improve the ranking of the key.

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analysis of


analysis of

from Shanghai station outside the chain of love analysis tools

from the characteristics of BBS signature

analysis of

Shanghai algorithm

update love Shanghai algorithm, use Adsense chain analysis tools can see the web site with the chain is not irrelevant in the statistical range, which indicates that, Shanghai has begun to hit love BBS signature of the chain, to deny it.

when I was a beginner, search outside, the owners of the home, A5, 28, a push but conceived the growth of our holy land, at that time, because of popularity, so the forum signature will be more or less play the role of publicity and promotion. Now look at the forum, the popularity of dying, especially in search, almost No one shows any interest in after revision, many Shanghai Longfeng optimization master also transfer positions. In this regard, the forum signature can completely give up.

here is worth mentioning is that part of the forum signature need to buy a signature card, so the signature is in a certain period of time, once lost, is outside the chain of some time ago to do will disappear. Outside the chain of big ups and downs for the website ranking is not what good things.

play forum people know, only to high level signature settings users open. It is also a characteristic, once modified, all the other post signature will change. Wait until you get to set the signature in a forum, before the post will also bring the signature, so the chain site in a short time will surge. Outside the chain of consequences of the accumulation is the search engine of K station.

are in the same profession, know the forum signature role, in that case, few people would really go to click, so in the drainage areas, almost no big role in what forum signature.

forum signature chain and only a short while ago, like long years involve together lover, ultimate marketing company mentioned before, Scindapsus aureus chain optimization algorithm, where there will be the forum signature. It is the love of Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm, the effect of very little BBS signature, even the chain optimization is also affected.

~! This article from the from the drainage and marketing perspectiveSince from the forum signature function

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