Different search engines have the same strategy of Shanghai dragon



according to the Hefei talent network Xiaobian know, each site in the optimization process for the search engine more than once, although the domestic market accounted for more than the love of Shanghai, but other search engines don’t use it? In fact, if a site users want to cover wide. So when the optimization work must not only consider a single search engine, for almost all of the search engine optimization is the most accurate.

speaking of search engine is different, so some beginners will certainly have such doubt, "that we in the optimization process, is the need to develop different strategies take different methods"? In fact before the owners in the face of such problems, the answer will be "Yes", this is because a lot of people in order to take into account the different search engines, will spend more information in the construction site, for example for different search engines of different construction characteristics of the site, so webmaster hand site will generally be more than one. But with the adjustment of the search engine algorithm is more and more similar, Xiaobian construction methods of different sites have been eliminated by the times, so you don’t want to "Shanghai dragon practitioners follow or imitate

for a long time Shanghai dragon buddies know, love Shanghai to the new site assessment period is very long, if at this time, the original owners do not have more effort, then get the ranking and flow of difficulty will be much larger. So new Adsense, in Shanghai Longfeng early or increase the original value, a lot of content as well. Noble baby in included is not the same, a new site in noble baby, it will soon be included, may one or two is not outside the chain too high enough, but you want to get good rankings on the platform is difficult, like a lot of the sea

a few years ago, webmaster in website optimization, the two search engines is valued, and the noble love Shanghai baby, in recent years with the noble baby gradually weakening in the domestic market, Shanghai has become the largest revenue love platform, so does that mean that Shanghai no longer for the noble baby dragon practitioners do optimized? Anyway, Xiaobian not think so. At present, small series have been optimized in Anhui talent network, although in love in Shanghai have flow, in the optimization process every day, our team in the search engine is more than love Shanghai this one, of course, this is a healthy Shanghai Longfeng work.

1, included the degree of difficulty is not the same as


in fact, from the point of view of the practical characteristics of Shanghai dragon, as long as the intention to understand the Shanghai dragon far away, do the basic understanding of search engine optimization; algorithm rules, follow the prescribed order to do, even if the search engine platform, want to have a good ranking is not a difficult thing! If you are a novice or curious in search engine Shanghai dragon has what different words, then Xiaobian look down with

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