Some of the sentiment of love crazy K station in Shanghai recently

in July each year is the love crazy Shanghai K station, many not the quality of the website can escape the other disaster, but this time it is difficult to escape. When checked in recent days Links, found that many links have been K off, the QQ station is up to K. Why QQ station is K

love Shanghai algorithm is gradually improving, from these events can be seen, Shanghai is to love the user experience, I think the day will be more perfect, love Shanghai in the next period of time will continue to carry out large-scale move. Do not know if you have not found love, Shanghai has not recently updated regularly, to give us a impossible to guard against. Crazy crazy right down, the K station, severely hurt the webmaster heart, there are many owners and even give up a station. This time, also saw a lot of Shanghai, whether there is a way out of love, whether Shanghai in the fight against the Shanghai dragon. Plus a few days ago in Shanghai dragon industry leader Shanghai dragon why is down right, this discussion is more intense, is Shanghai dragon is really no way out of

I also do QQ station, deep to the maintenance of the QQ station, QQ station had a little change as long as the love of Shanghai will be included, even completely copy will also be included, so the maintenance is relatively easy. But since the 520 incident I found it all changed, the article is difficult to include. I did an experiment to update a few false original article, update some original articles, the pseudo original almost not included, the original almost all included, was the case for a few days. So I give up the pseudo original, I will not go to update if you write the article. Love the sea K off the mostly acquisition station website or original rate is very low.

I think the Shanghai dragon still have a way out, only to change. Before the user experience is not good, can also have a good ranking, but now I think this is very difficult, I think the future will be more difficult. So we should change the strategy to gradually enhance the user experience aspects of the work. In fact, love Shanghai has been in the fight against the Shanghai dragon, like the black hat Shanghai Longfeng not is always love Shanghai hit? We do Shanghai dragon, matter with love the pace of Shanghai, to be good at thinking, good, good at improving their Shanghai dragon thought. Which website do Shanghai dragon, but the degree of Shanghai Longfeng sizes.

so much?

is here, I wish all love dust.

talk about the friends of the chain site is K effects on their own website, if there are a few friends of the chain is K, on their own website probably won’t have much involved, but there are more than 1/4 K, its station is dangerous. Recently due to busy work, not for a long time management station of its own, this crazy love Shanghai K station, my friend chain 1/4 is K, I have not cleared up, causing the site is down right, snapshot backwards, ranking drop. So love dust to remind everyone that we must pay attention to Links, periodically check the nip in the bud.


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