Summary of search engine marketing must follow the principle

SEM because it is facing the customer needs to provide marketing solutions, so it is the highest precision marketing, effective implementation of the SEM work is the priority among priorities of us should work, because it can directly affect the effectiveness of marketing, today we have to discuss this issue.

! Because

SEM we have to treat the account as their own children, careful, careful carefully, the details of the winning! It is search engine marketing to meet customer needs a series of marketing activities, we are also in a selected level, how to work carefully, so that more of the customer demand choice we are the ultimate goal of SEM work! The Adsemer bidding inquiry platform (贵族宝贝ask.adsemer贵族宝贝/) original, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you! A5

SEM can not be a stable process, because your competitors did not slack, slack, competitors all activities will affect our account performance, so need to adjust the accounts and monitoring continuously, in addition we have to do is search marketing, user search behavior is also a core element. The user’s search behavior is in constant change, so we need to monitor and adjust the account is

two, SEM must keep on keeping on. May the above problems we can easily to deal with some friends in the course of time, it will produce a psychological slack, gradually to the data processing, the problems and disadvantages out slowly.

SEM delivery process will meet every kind of problem, we need to go through the analysis to find out the problems, and then to solve the problem, many of my friends are met, no positive thinking, East West ask, finally more and more puzzled, some eventually gave up such a friend so we There are plenty of people who engaged in the work of SEM. Positive thinking, is a necessary occupation habits and literacy.

, have a habit of positive thinking, SEM put in the face of problems is normal, but we don’t have a problem to ask how to do? Because of problems and then go to the final thoughts in solving this problem, because the whole process down is an optimum way of thinking, is SEM work must have the occupation quality.


SEM counterparts are clear, the whole process of SEM system, a very detailed process, including keywords, account structure, data collection, adjustment strategy, landing pages and so on, all we need carefully to complete, so I want to accomplish the work of SEM, we need a set of reasonable arrangements for the work flow and.

, persevere unremittingly!

how can we quantify the job, the most effective coverage of the target customer groups, according to industry data analysis should establish what dimensions of monitoring points to record data technology can identify the problem? All these problems need to be considered in the

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