Shanghai dragon is very important not opportunistic details and execution

Hongkong: Hongkong host host is free for the record, but the price is very cheap, the only drawback is the Hongkong space as possible with Hongkong house, "scarce" so given bandwidth is very low, the same IP may allow hundreds of sites, which greatly limits the access amount at the same time, there is a limit to the damage the user experience.

A good

optimization need to pay attention to details:

why do you say so? Do SEO like business, the face of the user. Only the user visits your site will generate transactions. So the first thing to be responsible for the user, a good user experience of the website can not only enhance the viscosity of the website can also bring the directional flow, thus there will be a return. This is our Shanghai dragon to do.

, space: I suggest we should use, space, maybe some people will say, space is expensive and the record, very troublesome ah. >

, to understand Shanghai dragon

the results of a web site is very important, good website structure determines whether the user search engine and love your site, of course, too fancy is not good, personal feeling can be moderate. Good visual website, need to use flash where do not mean. It is best to use the flat results, the users and spiders are very friendly.

space: the benefits of American space is the only free for the record, the other can only be said to. The United States and the use of space is often love Shanghai punishment, that is the same IP there are many websites do gray industrial chain, the industry chain is legal in the United states. So the country will be implicated.

2. is responsible for the user:

3. server space:

I mean to know Shanghai dragon is not a simple life in Shanghai Longfeng, we want to know about it, what we are doing is for Shanghai dragon? Ranking, traffic or. Since that is the case then we want to know it, Shanghai dragon machine, but it also imitate people, then we will go to optimize the user’s point of view, do a help to the users of the site, plus the execution of this website will have good rankings, but also very stable only do this, then it is really know what is the Shanghai dragon.

1. site structure:

server, determines the stability of the site space. As I started the Shanghai dragon, the first use of the U.S. space.


is now the search engine constantly updated, more and more intelligent, all kinds of black hat techniques previously popular can not display. A lot of phishing sites has been punished. Not only the Internet search to obtain green and healthy development, beneficiaries or users. Of course, from a small part of the damage the interests of workers in Shanghai dragon. This down as Shanghai Longfeng rookie I to Shanghai dragon feelings and experience in this industry.

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