Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon learning expert skill four Wang Tong of Shanghai Longfeng thinking

evaluation of the people Wang Tong, we can only talk about learning from his text to some of Shanghai Longfeng thinking and strategy, personally think it is quite good, especially worthy of our reference point and is learning to do segments of Shanghai dragon king.

remember that at the beginning of the year, wrote an analysis of Taobao Shanghai dragon market article Wang Tong, this article mentioned 2 years ago and now Taobao shop shop for now, doubled, reaching about 5000000, while engaged in Taobao Shanghai dragon real professional is not much, the market demand is great the back also mentioned the study and research of Taobao Shanghai dragon need to pay attention to three points: consider the seller confused, considering the buyers income, considering the Shanghai dragon. And give us by the three Shanghai Dragon technology to make money Taobao: Taobao service service, buyers, Taobao Shanghai dragon company to do. This is a classic.

in my understanding, Shanghai Longfeng segments can be divided into two directions, one is about the Shanghai dragon, we can be divided into enterprise station of Shanghai dragon, B2B B2C of the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon, multiple segments of Taobao Shanghai Phoenix, one for each industry, we can as to the whole industry, and even can be as small as one of the most terminal retail or the beginning of the end of the production industry, each segment, as long as we can have a better understanding of the absolute can earn money from.

some people say that some of the so-called experts Shanghai dragon are all blown out, some of the so-called Shanghai dragon master is claimed, but we also wish to convert a point of view, perhaps these boasting and is also a kind of marketing means to. In this session of Shanghai Longfeng expert still has some, and that more attention is paid to the Shanghai dragon expert Shanghai Longfeng thinking and strategy promotion, is a combination of marketing means of Shanghai Longfeng method, you may appreciate the technology, but he has been promoted to the strategy and strategy level, so don’t not to complain. You learn from him, but to complain that you do not learn from him. Among any three people walking, I will find something to learn for sure。 Then in front of the three Shanghai dragon expert introduction: rain, my country level, Cardiff, today I want to introduce a controversial in the industry of Shanghai Longfeng expert: Wang Tong.

I don’t know the concept of segments is who first proposed, but the earliest I knew from Wang Tong there. A professional Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon to earn money, in many ways, but rely on the achievements of Shanghai Longfeng a very good cause, method is not much, but a lot of difficulties, but if we know how to make Shanghai Longfeng subdivision, when using Shanghai dragon to make money, we will own advantage weaknesses analysis, select one of their most familiar segments of the industry, in-depth study, from products to services, from inside to outside, from dealing with customers and to deal with all aspects of technology, and so on, as long as we are better than others than others walk in front, may in this field.

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