Share some tips to optimize the page loading speed

then how to optimize your web page

reduced the number of HTTP requests can help you effectively increase the website loading speed. You can use the following ways:

use the browser cache

?Optimization of

@import CSS syntax allows you to load other CSS files. Time is very helpful, but it is not the main file download, it may increase the page load time. Recommend the use of link tag, it will be more efficient.

1. fusion file

effectively compressed CSS and JavaScript code can effectively reduce the page size, you can remove the space optimization code. Of course, the compression code for code reading is not very useful, but as a general product environment, in this way we can effectively reduce the page load time.

CSS and Javascript

will be different style sheets the synthesis of a file can reduce the number of HTTP requests. The same applies for javascript.


2. CSS sprites

this is absolutely obviously, can see the picture of the page content occupies the most important component. In modern web design, pictures will occupy most of the content. You need to redefine your page picture size. This can help you reduce the size of the page. Moreover, there are many functions that can help you lose weight for the picture, for example, and TinyPNG


whether you believe it or not, in recent years, the Internet has been a significant increase in the size of the page. HTTP Archive obtained by the results of the study show that the average of a page size is 1.25M. For broadband users, it may not be a problem. But for those who do not understand the Internet users, may be a very troublesome problem.

your website contains some documents do not always change. For example, pictures, CSS, JavaScript etc.. Can help you increase the page loading speed if the browser cache files. Usually we use the web service.

reduced the number of HTTP requests

first we see a page size of the pie chart:

Avoid the use of @import


code compression

sprites can help you get a picture file into a file, it can reduce the number of downloads.

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