The old station if you want to get a stable ranking please do not excessive optimization

from the domain name age can be seen, this is a typical old station management of industrial products, and optimization during the ranking often is not stable, the main reason is the excessive optimization, the following is to analyze it:

Although the The The author is engaged in

chain and the site no correlation, but in these forums, it is typical of the mass of the chain, so that the excessive optimization of junk chain is optimized.

this site the most obvious traces of excessive optimization is undoubtedly the excessive use of anchor text. The anchor text is indeed can effectively improve the tool website keywords ranking, but excessive, single anchor text can make the website ranking unstable curse. I took over the site, found this site before almost every one will have a lot of the same, pointing to the same anchor text of the page, as shown below:


love Shanghai algorithm has repeatedly stressed that the mass of the chain, do not pay attention to the chain is sure to be the love of Shanghai punishment, but many webmaster is not afraid of death, determined to continue to use the software group chain, the chain caused by excessive optimization, the chain of garbage filled with the internet. Too much garbage chain is caused by excessive site optimization, arch-criminal ranking is not stable, the old station outside of the chain the author took before is also used, the mass of the chain to testify:


in order to better reflect the readability of the article, the author will use the hands of a typical optimization over website for example:

two reasons: excessive chain optimization, do not attach importance to the quality of



anchor text so much, both for the user and the search engines are not very friendly, so the anchor text we should not overdo sth. as well.

why excessive optimization this problem will often appear in the body of the old station? Because some old station took over before they have no professional staff dedicated to the optimization optimization, and the optimization of these non professional staff only understand that a few Shanghai Longfeng theorem casually use, leading to excessive website optimization, website ranking also produced a late instability status. So, to have such wonderful website should do? The author will own experience to discuss with everybody.

anchor text

one reason: excessive use of

website optimization work imperceptibly has been for two or three years, which took over many of the old station, the old station found are often more difficult to optimize than new sites, because the old station many times ranking will be unstable, sometimes in the first few pages, sometimes dropped to 100, let a person very headache. In desperation, the author through repeated practice and consulting some optimization master, the main behind the old station ranking is not stable: excessive optimization.

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