WAP mobile phone why the site is difficult to include

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Shanghai SITE APP

concluded, personal feeling is a trend in the future is the use of CSS3+HTML5, with CSS3.0+HTML5 compatible mobile phone site, WAP site optimization using the PC domain name better.


, the first search engine included habit

love to Shanghai as an example, some time ago there was news of love for Shanghai mobile phone WAP station will no longer be included, but through the webmaster tools query some do a good mobile phone site, seemed to find a few articles included in the article, perhaps thousands of articles are included so few, not to mention the chain. Do not seem to effect, or a month behind the basic snapshot, or never. Because site: can be found from the love of Shanghai mobile phone website is because the search engine habits and website code and so on are more or less shielding.

Finally, we establish

love all heard! Let the grass roots have to facilitate the establishment of a WAP mobile phone web tools, of course, site APP’s disadvantage is that although it belongs to love Shanghai, but through the webmaster tools can be found, no matter how you update, it can not be included, not only make it impossible for you to optimize snapshot updates.

WAP mobile phone site is to promote, let more users know your website, reading your content, which needs into the mobile site in the promotion on the basis of the PC, and even the need to integrate by micro-blog, WeChat and other popular marketing tools to bring. Of course, if the website promotion optimization WAP site is very good, naturally good, if the site optimization and promotion, WAP is poor, after all WAP is added to the mobile phone users, so do mobile phone site, please operate their own website.

WAP mobile phone website is more and more popular, mobile era, mobile phone site is a trend of user browsing habits, but why the WAP mobile phone site to be included in the search engine, analyzed the reason as follows:

third, the transformation of mobile phone website


, the domain name second reasons

WAP station is to do with your site 2 level domain name, for the two level domain name, I believe we all know to optimize or difficult, plus the WAP website after the content page link depth, WAP website is for PC users outside the user resources to expand again, so no one would use the top-level domain name to build the WAP website.

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