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I am also a novice, to contact the site is not a long time, simply talk about the things I do in Shanghai Longfeng, hope to be able to help some children’s shoes.


site was purchased in January 28, 2013 by the domain name, today is the eleventh day, I was yesterday afternoon open site, remove robots.txt restrictions, the website included, may not feel that master performance is what is worth rejoicing, but I can see a bird food, such as keyword ranking, felt or full gratifying.

domain name purchase time: January 28, 2013

for the original Shanghai dragon is a topic every day, for having heard it many times, we all know, my operation strategy is to write false original article, I personally for the original and pseudo original understanding is more offbeat, I think reading an article written according to their own impression, this way it should belong to the original is false, even if the use of mirror detection is 100%, because the central idea is the people, I just copy, but the pseudo original, for spiders, and the original difference, so we can get the search engine of the good, and the pseudo original is not difficult, if a word to study for transformation, that is the trouble, sometimes I write more often than words one by one to form the "pseudo" writing faster, especially Do Taobao customers like the site, are written in the same goods, write 10 articles after basically psychological alone, even without reference to what data.

write time: 2013 2. month 8 days

let us talk about the hardware facilities, site space and domain name are purchased on GoDaddy, spent a total of less than 150 dollars, I was a poor student, too expensive to afford, after completion of the website to buy, there was some small episode, such as automatic installation of the WordPress program is English version, web site admin menu display is not complete, no link option is not set Links place, this method to solve these two problems in the background of "WordPress program menu display solutions" and "the 104.2 yuan to buy the 10G GoDaddy host record". After all the trouble I will fix, the first thing is first closed to prohibit access to any website, spider, after all we face is not ready, it is not a shame to find people? The site was closed for 11 days, then one day, I made a total of 3 things, I think this may is my website ranking gratifying, share to everyone:

: the first hundred false original article

love 8

Keywords: Shanghai ranked the highest

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