Pathway analysis of Shanghai Longfeng competitors website points

first, you should find a competitor, here the competition is in many aspects, I believe there is no website and your site keywords are the same, so we must first determine your site keywords to find other competitors, and then list the URL, then how to find it, and this noble love Shanghai baby the 2 major search engines, or other, remember, list of competitors is to list the most important, if you find a potential, you can also record.

website optimization, that everywhere competitors exist, especially under the current situation of Shanghai Longfeng everywhere, the analysis of the competition will be every Shanghai dragon er must be one way, as the Shanghai dragon, not only need better every day to the chain and content, but also from time to time always observe the opponent strategy, this is a trend, so here, say about how to observe the competition situation of Shanghai dragon.

again, efforts to update the observation site, and the number of daily journals and daily domain, these are believed to be can see, one can see some reaction love Shanghai to this station every day, can also make their own understanding of the station, if a site weight make it, then every day the domain included and certainly not less, while the domain source is reflected in the chain where he is, find these places, and then see what.

the second of these sites to make some of the most basic statistics, here to record or Tingduo, snapshot, included, the chain, and the most important ranking information, why a website can row in front, this is a must, in these records, the update is necessary, some record every day more clear in the heart, regardless of others than their own website are outstanding, the analysis is to analysis, not slack off, as the chain statistics, each other, to understand each other the way of the chain, love Shanghai domain, is a way to domain for the domain name weight is an important the chain, to recognize the opponent is where do, remember their previous company website has a rival website to do one of the way of the chain, is the heart of an official forum, then The daily news are also added to the forums, the forum of the weight of the ascension of colleagues, also led the other station correlation and weight, this is also a kind of way. Or is included, when the statistics collected, should observe the effective collection of what is effective, included here refers to the "tip: in order to provide the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries similar content, click here to see all search results." How many pages in front of these is to statistics, this is a statistics, can be observed, in accordance with this form of words, their website content quality, so as to make a judgment, and for your own site is what. A snapshot, do not want to say what the next day, the snapshot of the situation, are generally.

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