mportant details secret love Shanghai every day snapshot

map is to prove the above snapshot graph is proved in terms of time

now I stop "buy" meet the most is my feeling now has been very popular love spiders in Shanghai welcome, my station now has more than 2 months, 6 days before the snapshot basic a snapshot, included is 3 days included a snapshot, now overnight collection every day and I love, how much of Shanghai included many, this time what I have done to love Shanghai every day snapshot, included? Above

third is easy to overlook a Links. In fact, Links influence each other. Good Links not easy to find, sometimes I spend an afternoon, only to find one or two excellent Links, I found that when looking for friends of the chain, many people ignore the friends of the chain, and even do not know "Friends of the chain, have their own website is very good, the chain snapshot or some snapshot a month is not more.

first, content is king, this is the most important thing. Must be regularly updated every day, and to update the theme website, the best is original, but every day of the original is not possible, after all, we are not a team, or the website’s fame is not big enough. However, we can collect the relevant information processing is a pseudo original. At least once a day to update one to two articles, not to learn to integrate the original (pseudo original). But if the proposal is the webmaster class it is best to update some, such as about 20 articles for the best. Of course, other industries can decide according to the situation.

second, the chain is saved every day to establish some similar quality, but there are a lot of establishing the quality of the chain channel, my station is webmaster, I must be Admin5, Chinaz, channel 5a, 55la, and so on are large forums, writes Guan Ruanwen, do know love Shanghai the question and answer in the love of Shanghai and so on, these are the methods to establish the quality of the chain is very good. Regardless of traffic or snapshots, there will be some improvement.

first, do website optimization of the word of Guan Jian, believe that the webmaster is clear, I am not here to talk about the details, but be careful not to optimize excessive Oh, to prevent causing suspected of cheating. I is the webmaster site, on line in just 1 months, more than one keyword, such as "buy" meet "encounter" encounter webmaster purchase supermarket purchase advertising trading network "" webmaster advertising trading network "page ranking, actually made the Shanghai dragon optimization are inseparable.

today is the fool’s day, and we first asked a good. Happy fool’s day. Everybody is good I am "station network virus" my line to now more than 2 months, the ranking is relatively stable. From the beginning of the Shanghai Longfeng primary to now skilled, which also experienced many hardships, I now think of my successful experience this way and share with you, hope that the novice webmaster can avoid detours, faster way to success.

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