How to do a better quality of their enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng solutions

optimization Shanghai, the most fundamental purpose, is for oneself or for the customer to solve the problem, therefore, do the first work of search engine optimization is to understand the needs. Can be analyzed from the following points:

The difference between the product and the competitor

1.2: provided by you (for example: my product package returned within 5 years)

do a lot of Shanghai dragon friends all know, Shanghai dragon must make promotion plan according to the idea of Shanghai Longfeng nature of their site, a good Shanghai Longfeng scheme is often the site is easier to improve the weight, improve the quality of key drainage, I will be in the preparatory work and the implementation stage respectively, to share with you, sharing Shanghai dragon plan.


for the different customer groups, different target audience, we formulate the keywords too different. This is one of a very important preparation, we must clear their customers or.

1.3: please specify you wanted to find the target market / customers (such as: lawyers, bankers, industry etc.)

, start the preparatory stage of Shanghai dragon about

The Shanghai dragon Solution

2, starting from the industry, compared with fellow competitors


1.4: for your business what misunderstanding (for example: do Shanghai Longfeng costs are generally very expensive and so on).

there is an old saying: the enemy can baizhanbudai, build the best can create or help your clients a competitive analysis framework, the competitor itself messy data, according to the ABCD data logic neatly stacked, to avoid the blindness of work at the same time, can be targeted to Collect competitor information better. The property industry after Shanghai dragon formulated corresponding.

The products and services of

1.1: please describe in detail the (clear description)

3, starting from the group attributes, determine the site keywords

1, to understand their own (or client)

through a series of problems and establish good mathematical model carefully according to the data, this was a careful analysis, this is what we do in Shanghai dragon vane, is the foundation of all programs. The wrong direction, behind everything will go farther and farther.


from the drop to the shared bicycle, the impact of the new economic Internet plus thought of the traditional economic model again and again, Ma said a word, " don’t stop learning, is a bit slower,." will be eliminated; indeed, the reality is so cruel, Shanghai dragon the world, how to make a better solution The Belt and Road thought, to resist the impact of this round of market

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