Ten key words Web page ranking factors

: Seventh page visible text appears the number of keywords. This not only refers to the content of the page. See if you can view the page source. Moderate, avoid keyword stuffing suspected occurrence.

: fourth keywords in the page should be complete and accurate. For example, "wedding" is this your keywords, then don’t put the keywords into the wedding photography skills".

sixth: keyword density. The same is a majority of our Shanghai dragon Er hot topic. Keywords density: the number of occurrences of the total number of words / articles. In general we have considered 5%-7% as well. But also to follow a principle is: don’t add, affect the readability of the article.

eighth: key words repeated appropriate in the title tag. That is to say, you can make their core keywords repeatedly appear in the title tag, but to pay attention to skills, not piling up. The practice proves that this is helpful to ranking.

second: Keywords title tags position. This factor is also very important. According to the practical experience, the sequence of key words in the title tag sequence is the weight, so the weight of keywords before the higher.

above ten is my finishing to collect, and every factor according to.

ninth: the ALT attribute of an image. The use of this property can solve the optimization problem of image is not, the setting for the ALT property can make search engine understand the meaning, and can add keywords in the ALT attribute.

fifth: 100 words appear before the content page keywords. Set up in line with the search engine crawling mechanism and sort of such words. These are the result of practice, not Weakness lends wings to rumours.

third: use the keywords H1 tag. This factor may now have a lot of people think not much use, but also proved as it affects the keyword in the search engine rankings show.

: tenth page outbound links and external links using the keywords anchor text. Through the correlation link text can improve the keywords corresponding to the search engine ranking performance.

we all know that Shanghai dragon is the search engine optimization, mainly study the specific keywords in the search engine in the exposure rate, so as to increase website traffic and increase company efficiency. As a full-time Shanghai dragon Er, the main work also cannot do without words, most of the work is focus on key words, so the key words this thing has a very important position in Shanghai dragon in. Shanghai eusci Longfeng not only, what is the relationship and influence today is about keywords and web page ranking in search engines.

: the first use of keywords in the page title. This method got a lot of friends in the industry recognized and tested by practice is indeed useful methods and means.

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