Shanghai Longfeng ShuoWenJieZi how to win at the starting line



China cultural origins long, broad and profound, Chinese characters as the world’s most outstanding characters in the text, from the oracle to now printed text, after thousands of years of vicissitudes, the pictographic characters, knowing and form sound and other art entirely together, make each of us read one, through the font structure. Can be understood with the corresponding word meaning events or objects.

! [

we went from around the upper and lower structure in order to split and give interpretation:

]. exportWe’ll talk about this in the

let’s say, "win" superior is a "dead", ranking as the battlefield, be "dead", "death" superior heavy pressure on the top of the head, no matter for any Shanghai dragon ER, will have the breath pressure, even with the head of the sea Robin Li himself said "love the sea from bankruptcy only 30 days, and we are those who feed on the Baidu hard to force the


if there is no "crowning calamity instantly to" sense of crisis, so we really not far away from death. This full of fear is not that it is serious, but in uncertainty, and a danger, is always our recipe for help.

Shanghai dragon should always pay attention to trends on the Internet, learning new ideas, and constantly enrich themselves. Do not keep pace with the times, will be left behind and beaten. The article about Shanghai Dragon Technology online blossom everywhere. The article as unrealistic empty talk. Our business will encounter some of the article seems to speak closely reasoned and well argued, but it is not effective. For some technology we should hold a critical attitude to learning and absorbing, the first "used" to collect some similar articles on the subject of participation, in a number of different views, we go to objectively determine which is more reasonable, more practical, "learn the essence, delete the dross", not others, or the blind worship the so-called master, expert, master of speech.


wins, the word is often used in our life, structure and its implication significance is great, composed of the word interpretation of the "win" the basic connotation, the wild goose fly from Shanghai Xiaoran dragon perspective "win" said one word exactly what

station? philosophy?


is the Shanghai dragon ER, we should be prepared to each other, changing in too much uncertainty. We live in Shanghai love alone big under the eaves, not for a good ranking is pleased with oneself temporarily take, show off everywhere, the vast land, who need to know the love? Shanghai algorithm at any time adjust, do not you see the June and July K station visible before the eyes is not the storm, today you may be next you

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