Taking into account the original article how to search more easily to be included

certainly, too short, the search engine may not be included. Especially on a website, a type of less than 100 words content too much. Search engine from the point of view, the number of article text content should not be too small, and the original style after the deception is not uncommon, so search engine is also based on self protection. So, if possible, should control the content length of more than 300 words, instead of only a few words. Sentence and no obvious grammatical errors is also very important, because of the false original meaningless words spelled disaster caused by flooding water, let the search engine is very sad. The search engine slowly to pay attention to the quality of semantic analysis program is now applied to the smooth degree of the search engine based on the above. The semantic confusion spelling Lianpian content, no matter how.


the reality of the situation is that although it is original, the search engine will not be included or included in a timely manner. As the contents of "the real king is after the" search engine included inside view, then the original view again good content, if cannot be included in search engine for website optimization has no meaning. Original content website’s weight problem or not included (many website weight high or even seconds), at the same time, the quality of its writing style and a considerable proportion of. What kind of articles will be released after the fast included? Or how search engines love the original article? We can try from the following five aspects:

, to ensure the content and language to maximize the original

two, the suitable length and no obvious grammar word error

view can learn, but language is to prevent plagiarism. Using pseudo original cheat search engine webmaster, I do not know whether there are deep impression, good time effect is the pseudo original at first, but after a period of time, especially the large-scale search engine update, many pseudo original or copy to reprint articles will probably delete. If our language is too similar, and the search engine has been included in the article are similar, may be mistaken for pseudo original search engine. In order to effectively enhance the user experience, each search engine has its own set of content similarity judgment mechanism. Maybe it is their original content, in the face of machine programming language, the only thing we can do is to ensure that the content and language to maximize the original, in order to improve the content included the odds.

with the rapid development of the Internet, has been more and more people realize the importance of network marketing. Compared with the traditional way of promotion, the Internet has lower cost, greater timeliness effect is more ideal etc.. Based on the Internet search engine marketing, increasingly more attention and attention. This is for the promotion and sales of keyword advertising mainly due to crazy, in fact there are more crazy for website search engine optimization, I believe that many webmaster hard to write the original article, but its power from the user experience, but more from the good search rankings.

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