Sohu from the media love Shanghai news source and the latest information

in this small series of advice, of course, love Shanghai also said that only a few high quality trust chain, we can see the importance of quality from here, for the chain, now most of the content, but we do not always have good content to share, so in order to ensure the quality of and we can reduce the number of the chain, to do some content, originally a day a original article, now I for myself three days a, more about the quality of the content, content, but to be more effective than the number of.

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but there is one point, I still want to say by the press today, I found that in addition to A5, the owners of the house are some other forums like >

this section, before today, in general love Shanghai news source of the information, may also appear in the latest relevant information, I think we should all know, but today, it is not the case, even if you are not a news source can also appear in the latest relevant information in the face. In fact, when I know, my first impression was that they can send the chain, why


The arrow indicates the direction of

first, first as we explain to say today. Sohu Shanghai news source media is no longer love, love of Shanghai news source requirements increase, love Shanghai search results – the latest information appeared some information forum. See below:


, everyone can see, actually I am very happy, why do Shanghai dragon should know, I will not share in this.

I also apply for Sohu (individual), since the media often publish their own articles to some of the platform to. Even today, the emergence of this result, in fact, I have to slowly feel before this, the quality of Sohu since the media is getting worse, basically all the people can go to release information, do you know Shanghai dragon, most of that time is Kung Fu in the soft and the chain above indeed, the Sohu provides a good platform for many Shanghai dragon but search engine (love Shanghai) can not love too, as we all know, the news source, in addition to some rigid requirements that we must ensure the quality of the article, there is no quality, or some of the rubbish information. Only would lower your image and overall quality, we can see from the media Sohu, Shanghai news source in addition to the value of love, "punishment" is more serious.

love Shanghai news source and the latest information related to

?Look at the !!!

(the original is in No. 22 submission, that day is Saturday, so today I review here, we should also pay attention to the time of submission, but because it is on the 22 day, the media Sohu suddenly canceled news source, so it is a bit of a coincidence!)

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