Analysis of website how to search engines to traffic

today we have to pull this topic.

to search engine to flow, is nothing more than by PPC and Shanghai dragon in this two ways.


believes in the emphasis on user experience today, search engine ranking weight in this area will gradually increase.

how to search engine to traffic? This is every webmaster are very concerned about the topic.



crawling page load speed

PPC and Shanghai dragon is the search for a keyword in the search engines by the user, and then click on the number of visitors to increase the effect. Considering the characteristics of PPC burn, here mainly to talk about the Shanghai dragon.

in addition, the proper use of the nofollow tag, will also serve to improve the efficiency of the spider crawling.

site to flow, there must be the keyword ranking; to keywords ranking, search engine must have included the site content; the content to be included in search engines, web page must have a certain base for the search engines; to be search engine grab, the website must can let the spider crawling smoothly and quickly.


site architecture

spider is also a visitor, if your site because the server suck, loading code is too slow, room selection, domain name registration and other factors lead to "unable to load or speed too slow, will also affect the efficiency of the spider crawling.

this is a lot of Shanghai Longfeng Er are advocating the main reason tree, flat mesh architecture.

search engine principle are introduced in the article we mentioned that the search engine spiders first need to collect data sent. In this step, we can do is to let the spider can be fun to grab the site data.

to have a collection of natural content, well, need to add an attribute, the search engine can read.


observation of your website files through the robots file does not need to shield off some of the spider grab information, naturally improve the spider crawling efficiency. In addition to put in the root directory of the pure text in the form of robots document, meta robots also need special attention.

1, robots

spider is along the link to crawl and grab the page, if the point to your site in a few page links (Information Islands) or deeper level (breadth first crawl principle of spider, the spider) will naturally lead to miss your site pages.

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in turn, change the view will be more simple and clear some.

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