Analysis of the influence of the website ranking Shanghai dragon several basic steps


on my website for several steps of analysis of the website of Shanghai Longfeng, hoping to provide a little thinking and help

4, website template for user friendly


3, keyword density

contains keywords and description tags. Keywords this is not what to say, now the search on the label is more diluted, but the description tag is very important, I think description and Title tags can have complementary keywords, can’t write in Title, can be in 15 seconds to write to the description label, can play a very good ranking. Here (but note that is not stack keywords. Don’t let the search have a bad impression of

website template, this may be many owners usually do not pay attention to how, think online casually looking for a set of templates, and then put the station name, content and better, mainly focus on.

as a new webmaster, site traffic, the greatest joy is their rapid rise, the promotion of the keywords can be routed to the front of the major search engines. It is often a new content every day, everywhere Posts increase the chain, beg to find similar station exchange chain. But the ranking is always piaffe, step back. This is really very distressed, but I do not know whether it is in their own website itself. To find the reason of Shanghai Longfeng architecture OK?. I have a analysis to their own website, hope that we can provide some valuable thinking.


Title the webmaster all know, this is the title of the site. The title is a web page optimization is the most important factor, the page title Title is equivalent to a given web page content, it tells the search engine spiders this page is about what. So the importance of any one "Title is the highest, and then I have written special. Although the keywords I is the main push of QQ net. But I added many combinations of long tail keywords, and this form seems noble baby is recognized. (here is a tip: if your target keywords have been identified, the best keywords written in the Title title, if it is possible to make it to the front.


the recommended value density: 2% = density is less than or equal to 8% of my site is just two percent. Too bad too much is not good, you should be flexible to control

for everyone

1, Title

said that to take out the analysis, analysis of the station is sure to have something Caixing ah. Key words: "my website before the nobility baby’s QQ name" ranked third.. The words every day how hot heat. Everyone in Shanghai love index search should know.

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