2012 look at the recent adjustment of Shanghai webmaster love

2, Shanghai Longfeng provider some improper publicity, damaged the image of the company at the same time, love Shanghai, love Shanghai to suppress the auction revenue.

three, love Shanghai advanced search

, love Shanghai Shanghai dragon search event

1, Shanghai love to share products promotion. Just like the site domain name, like the promotion of statistical tools, this method is very good promotion of love Shanghai sharing tools, coupled with the temptation of the introduction, the effect is striking. But "love Shanghai share mutual brush group such as" like bamboo shoots after a spring rain surge, don’t know how to love Shanghai will share the amount as "quality reference.

2012 is the end of the world or our love end, most of the sources of income in Shanghai is jjpm, and we Shanghai dragon Er is bound to become the love of Shanghai deep hatred in the flesh. Each adjustment love Shanghai is the name of the signs to improve the user experience to deal with our Shanghai dragon ER. From the figure you can see the determination to love Shanghai.


1, "black hat Shanghai dragon" continue to use search vulnerabilities to disrupt the Shanghai love love Shanghai in the search results, but the effect is fast and obvious, which will undoubtedly make love hate Shanghai, to make such a move to remind Shanghai dragon ER only love Shanghai’s proposal to.

two, love Shanghai social tools to promote

Update and adjust the

love Shanghai every time is not the law, so that we can only learn to adapt to it, but we can learn to observe it, use it! So we can see the change of Shanghai after each adjustment of love. Some of the changes of group purchase Adsense talk about the love nest of the new Shanghai:

since last year, Shanghai love fuzzy data to the site gradually, such as the collection, love Shanghai chain etc.. In 2011 promotion webmaster tools, clearly put forward the site webmaster tools to provide high accuracy without. After entering February, the day of love Shanghai advanced search search function is gradually blurred, many site search results and general > day

2, the search engine is more emphasis on the social tools, to noble baby +1 as still in the testing stage. But we in the long run, like micro-blog, SNS and other social networking tools will share more involved in the search engine search results.

3, the Internet search engine entrance through a lot of junk information, love Shanghai to control the quality of the pressure surge.


since January, similar to the Facebook "like" the hand icon love Shanghai some of the search results page, but this March 1st from time to time is canceled, the move should be in the test stage. Love Shanghai for love Shanghai to share tools, indirect hints help to improve web page ranking.

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