Convert limited traffic to RMBHow do get more than 3000 monthly income for Taobao in 2 months

I would say, how I do this, I started Taobao in mid September, was an old domain name to do with the station, so there are some advantages about one and a half, I put the key words I do do sh419 first, then to income. Here, I’d like to talk to people who want to get into the Taobao family, and I think some of the more important issues.

advertising recommended: admin5/u.htm

now many enterprises have chosen to search engine promotion, so we rely on search to IP, how to transform, how to save the cost, how to do brand publicity, this is the network marketing to do.

flow is the first productivity "may seem outdated, when we make a website after the construction, maintenance of normal removal, should consider more realistic problem, that is how to make money?

network marketing is based on the Internet, a new marketing approach to the use of digital information and network media interactive to help achieve marketing objectives.

maybe you thought was still rely on advertising alliance or make money, a small part of the owners because of a IP may earn 3 to four digit number, even number 5. For example, ADMIN5 Trading Forum rely on domain name transaction intermediary fees; science education network relies on the tutor recommended wave fees; Chengdu gifts gift orders rely on profits of price. This also indicates that the future of IT is the most promising occupation of network marketing.


two, site template

did two months of Taobao customers, persist for two months, and now finally harvested, it can be said that Taobao is really not easy to do, first cut a map for everyone to see, so as not to say I lie.

three, persistence and execution,

most people now do Taobao customers are do list form the site list, there are indeed many benefits, I also do list, but most of them are directly linked to CMS, then take a list from other website advertising templates directly set up, this website is completely out of touch, in such a phishing site will occur in now, the user to enter other website transaction from your website? So, try to do a good template, it is not good to do, learn from me, not good-looking place all JS hide out, many people complain that their website conversion rate is not good and you can go to the webmaster forum to see, in general have such complaints, their website template can’t make a compliment.

before an article "my Taobao off the malignant competition is too fierce words have no choice" said, now a lot of Taobao keywords off brush too much, this kind of keywords is not very good choice, I know it is the most serious kind of breast keywords, so we try to avoid doing this kind of product, even if you do, the choice of the above keywords, to think, don’t do like me, not easy to make up words, but did not flow, the cup; and weight loss products, it is no exaggeration to say that as long as Taobao customers, who have at least one a weight stand, to the degree of competition among them, actually losing weight is not that can not be done, if you do, must be prepared to fight a protracted war, because even if you can do up, nor do the short term The new Taobao guest is the most depressing can see income, time too long, many people will choose to give up, so people must choose the good products and key words to the fastest possible first to bring their own income, so we have confidence to continue to do so.

The rapid development of

IT industry, prawns are obvious to people. You may still increase traffic and busy; maybe you still stay up and update the site; you may be through the League for the account and pray. But if you know how to put the limited traffic into RMB

1, select products and keywords

with the rapid development of the Internet and the popularization of the computer world, more and more and the number of people who use the internet. The network has gradually become an indispensable service tool in people’s lives and work, on the basis of network marketing has gradually started its strong market effect.

Taobao Adsense CPC as guest advertising, flow have income, is not the 10 Fen Taobao off early, I also insisted for two months, two months just do 10 Fen are not, until the middle of this month began to have income, so that the couple should not impatient, look at her, well to do so, to carry out hard, although a few months may not.

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