A frequent layout search engine Taobao how to deal with the grassroots guest

said that if a Amoy network with 360 search cooperation is a strategic platform for the development, so a layout Amoy love Shanghai promotion to Amoy network has been unable to meet the current flow of resources. Love Shanghai search engine occupies the largest market share, do not make good use of it is a pity. According to my observation, in the love of Shanghai enter "product + online shopping" keywords, Amoy promotion links are basically, this form of promotion to buy keywords to get traffic has not been mentioned, which is verified by the China an old saying "only allowed, not many people lighting".

when we opened 360 shopping search, after testing, search of goods on the platform, the search results display in graphic form, but also from a scouring of the search results in a prominent position in the form of graphic display. No matter is the official recommended product click on the bottom or through the search related products, finally enter the purchase page are available to Taobao customers to promote links. The following figure:

in the eyes of many people, love of Shanghai Taobao guest website has been more sensitive, from last year’s "6.28 big update" to "green" algorithm and has just launched "pomegranate algorithm", almost every update algorithm will lead to a large number of sites down, most of the Taobao characteristics of grassroots off site quality problem. Many of the product description and correlation knowledge has not been done, which directly or indirectly lead to the possibility of losing love Shanghai ranking website. Love is a blow to Shanghai also shows that the "law of the jungle" this, only enough resources, content rich enough the site will withstand love Shanghai every blow.

Although many websites have not been able to obtain

so, as a grassroots Taobao customers should think of ways to give yourself a gorgeous transformation, only from the perspective of a more professional to promote their products, to provide consumers with value, >

love Shanghai search "online shopping website ranking data

since May 22nd 360, and the Alibaba’s Amoy network jointly launched a new search service – shopping search (360.etao贵族宝贝), which will undoubtedly bring considerable traffic to Taobao. Again, a scouring network also joined the love Shanghai promotion plan, directly through the bidding website ranking impact of various products. This layout is a huge impact on the entire Taobao passenger industry, as a grassroots Taobao customers, said a lot of pressure.


love Shanghai search "crib online shopping website ranking data

from Shanghai love search engine traffic, but on 360 search seems to be more to cater to the tastes of grassroots webmaster, many K sites have found a glimmer of hope of survival in the 360 search. However, the launch of the 360 shopping search, will have certain influence on various related products website ranking, then Taobao customers will be more grassroots pressure big.

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