The site in Shanghai Longfeng during your goal is no longer the only home

in fact, they can go anywhere they want to get through the window. Effective search engine optimization will be more changes to the site. Of course, there will still be the website home page, but the page almost only serve as such functions: it as a user from the search engine website before the main access gateway. For example, you search for "apple iPod". The natural first search result is not www.apple贵族宝贝, but a more clear site, www.apple贵族宝贝/iTunes. What this example tells us? Every page in the web site in the search engine results to users may be a potential login entrance. In order to promote it, which means that every login page entrance are potentially the gateway website. Poof! Every page search engine know on the site now almost all page. To search for, this would be the most convenient. This can help them quickly find their desired results, and guide them to enter the relevant page. Generally speaking, people do not need to scan site navigation to understand the classification and sub classification, but through its internal search mechanism to browse. For the website owner and operator, and on this point, there are other effects. When each page is home page, optimize each login page and makes visitors browse to them may be enlarged. When visitors can go to any page of the website, brand awareness will be prominent. If they did not immediately appear in where it should be, then it will not be remembered.

has a point of view, if the visitors arrived he seems to be expected, in fact it is the wrong page, then they will immediately begin to find the next. Is not in every page has a clear navigation? Are there inside the search box? Whether can clearly show that their website is what? That page is able to clear the name of the site, and contains can go back to the other parts of the information? If you visit a product page however, this is not what they want, then the link is there a "more", or list of possible suitable products? As the search in the search.

only a short while ago, sites have a home. The top page is almost always present in the domain structure. They are located in the URL like this: www.admin5贵族宝贝. The homepage is considered the entrance points of the website, it is the lobby of the building the same function. Visitors are expected through the front door, and then view the directory may login. Only in this way, they can continue marching to their destination, the destination may be a floor, a department, or a lot of room in one. Search changed everything. However, because the search engine can provide specific results for specific queries, now visitors can directly through the door or the back door into a web site. They miraculously can enter the basement roof or not even all through the hall.

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