Zac of Shanghai Longfeng future lost the way

he said such a word, if you have no interest in the Shanghai dragon, purely in order to experience his process, you may think of Shanghai dragon is a very boring and boring thing, I think this is probably the most say just entered the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix industry personnel’s voice, because I itself are also beginning to think so, update the article every day, do the chain and the chain is always repeating always repeat, so it does not mean, but Zac said, it is not without significance, since you have chosen the Dragon Phoenix on the road, then you have to endure this suffering, and sometimes we do not half will be able to see the effect, he needs a very long process, so we need a stick.

a person in Shanghai dragon industry, I am afraid will know Zac this name, but he is also an expert, his Zac blog established from 2006, every day one, it lasted many years, so he is a specific opinion on how Shanghai Longfeng, we listen to him.

is the most important point is that a lot of people on a development trend of the future of Shanghai dragon feel very confused, do not know exactly where to go, is the search engine pace or station to the user experience to do site optimization with angle? Actually I want to say is actually standing in the user search engine experience from the perspective of your site quality evaluation. Zac said that if you asked him what is specific to the user experience, so he can’t give you a very specific answer, he can say now is the trend of development of the Internet more and more closer to the user experience, and your website ranking is to rely on the user experience for the.

a lot of people he asks is the search engine algorithm in the end of the Shanghai dragon what effects do, he will not hinder us there will be some K or drop right and other issues on the site optimization? He said, in fact, the search engine also is an ordinary user, he came to your site it is a regular visitor only, say algorithm update will have a big impact on your website, then your website is not mature in general, love Shanghai search engine algorithm is updated, he would not for those high quality content, the chain do good website any punishment, of course, your website is not to cheat, he did a lot of cases have never seen even the search engine algorithm changes to the good site of punishment This kind of phenomenon, generally is not going to happen.

as for the future development trend of Shanghai dragon industry, he said the first is to adhere to the quality of website content is high, because now love Shanghai more important is the content of the website, and the website of the chain but is not so important, your site keywords must choose the correct and there must be a reasonable arrangement and layout, because it is more convenient to users to access your website and. If you choose this.

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