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tips: do not use acquisition software + pseudo original way to fill the content of the website. A lot of junk information leads to the loss of users, the same search engine will not get high marks. In this paper, by Zhang Jianfei (www.semanswer.net) original, please respect the original signature,

1, keyword layout, title words, expand the content description and keywords around both words.

3, the reverse link, the number of the chain is important, but the quality is also very important, the chain is not the quality of little value to the site.

!!! Most of the webmaster

2, a website, a good website structure can let the spider crawling is the block all web pages, site map, site navigation is the embodiment of the website structure performance.

2, outside the chain, including text connection, URL connection and anchor text (including the station anchor text and station anchor text).

website is not our intention, improve your weight and promote website ranking is our intention. They were included after, still need to carry on the optimization, can from the following several aspects to improve website ranking:

1, a web server, the web server has a direct impact on the speed of spider climb take, because the speed is too slow will cause a lot of page access failed, this situation is the result of a spider likely to our website content included into the open page, some even garbled. In addition to the need to ensure the speed of the server, but also need to ensure its security and stability, because the secure server will lead to the site has often been attacked, the website does not open, is linked to the horse are affecting spider crawling factors, so the website server speed, security and stability are the need to do.

website is the webmaster often talk about the topic, turn on the computer every day is to check the website included, outside the chain, snapshots and ranking. The webmaster want included the more the better, especially the updated content is indexed by search engines. Zhang Jianfei talk about his own views.

The structure of

under the first correct view of " website will improve website weight " this sentence itself is not what no ground for blame, problems, but also led to a lot of stationmaster misunderstanding, then caused the consequences of content acquisition, software artifacts such as the original content regardless of quality. Due to the poor quality of content, so as to improve the site out rate, included is deleted, and ultimately reduce the weight of the site, the worst result is caused by K. So we can not blindly pursue included, included the quality of the content is the key. Quality can enhance the content of correlation degree and content from the original content can be read and contents. Know what is included on the site after the beneficial factors, then talk about influence the website included, mainly in the following points:

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