Love Shanghai push personal search service Baidu to open multiple terminals


first, with the open cloud data and local data, personal data, mobile phone, computer ever dispersed in iPad and other intelligent devices will achieve full integration. Users no longer need to open multiple devices, they can use the Baidu+ search box, and query to the local cloud disk information on the web, very convenient. "This is like finding a centralized export massive personal information, small search box can help you complete the daily information retrieval needs, but also the orderly management of information," Baidu+ Product Manager said.


, including SkyDrive, cloud, cloud notes and more than third party platform of Baidu+ company has expressed strong interest and love in Shanghai to discuss cooperation is also in progress. (Wen Quan

It is reported that the current

technology news today, love Shanghai company news release, recently, love Shanghai launched a service called Baidu+ to multi search service. This is a combination of multi terminal (computer, mobile phone etc.) and cloud (cloud storage, Web) personal data search client.

currently, Baidu+ launched the first edition. Install the first version on the computer, the user login account can love Shanghai, through a search box to realize the integration of search and management of personal information. For example, users to search the local file will get synchronized cloud and the Web side of the search results, and in the web search can also see the same keywords in local files and cloud search results.

in the face of such massive data, Baidu+ also focus on strengthening the users personal data security in the process of using, including account binding, binding device, transmission encryption, encryption, encryption and retrieval process, cloud index "five protection" means, from the source to the results are encrypted to protect personal data, so as to prevent the non normal channels of access, eliminate the possibility of intermediate hijacked information, to prevent information leakage.

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