Love Shanghai sharing five meaning analysis

four. Love Shanghai share of the search engine

?When we

we all know that the search engine will be the user experience, because if a lot of users love the site, when using search engines to find, these users can almost zero cost another search engine, then the search engine to long-term development must focus on user experience, but many websites domestic such as Shanghai dragon means, caused the search engine to carry out the work encountered some obstacles, in N search results in the user’s information need more weight in just 10 seconds of the calculated work significantly more and so, can determine the details of these data will also have a lot of love to share, Shanghai can help to establish the relation between the search engine and users, let users search help search.

two. Shanghai love share update cycle

first, we simply understand what is love Shanghai share a hanging in a multi platform interactive web page sharing tools we love Shanghai share is the external call, can use the external call, we choose to share the form code into public copyright regional site of the whole web page can to be shared, when sharing after time we search itself. You can see a number of times in the back of the share.

. Love is what

since the emergence of this love Shanghai love Shanghai share function, and the function can also display the number in the search of the relevant keywords, many people see this are thought to share the love of Shanghai brush, we will soon be in taobao贵族宝贝 or some kind of QQ group webmaster see others advertising, how many times how many yuan brush love Shanghai to share the same IP, so in the end how many times can the general brush? After weight loss Pro small general analysis can share 3-5. The same day IP brush more like taobao贵族宝贝 the shop credibility is the same as not cumulative.

three. Love to share Shanghai how many times a day?


there was a time not to write what, old feel less what in recent months found love in Shanghai there is a love of Shanghai share, believe that some webmaster friends have noticed, not too much of the attention, but from the data show that Shanghai feels the love to share or have certain significance for the key rank:

on other platforms, such as QQ, micro-blog Tencent, Sina micro-blog, renren贵族宝贝, love Shanghai collections on multiple platforms to share our current page, which can not only give us more opportunities to attract traffic to other platforms, at the same time in the near future, believe in love on this will be like micro-blog Shanghai the information that can appear to be as effective form of chain. Of course we share will not share the results appear immediately in the number of new shares, after losing weight Pro small statistics about 3-5 days later in Shanghai will love the search results on the number of share data update.

share in Shanghai?

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