mportant keywords diversity

customer: "but we only care about do these preferred keywords ranking, because that’s where the money is."

I: "when we identify these preferred keywords, we should also be included in some different forms of words, like some question and answer type keywords and long tail keywords, so we can build your whole and keep your web site traffic.

2. Long tail keywords to users search more targeted. >

1. To reach a wide audience.

: "I think this is a good long-term goal, but you preferred these keywords competition is extremely fierce, some websites are also in competition for these keywords, they will be hard to beat."

customer: "we just want the choice of keywords ranking. Why should we waste time to do other keywords "

and I like the Shanghai dragon Er, met the customer requirements and raise them, which is why I recorded this conversation today, small mammals came to tell us about how to complete the optimization of key words. Everyone knows the basic Shanghai dragon, not only can understand the importance of key words, and emphasize key varieties. Some customers directly determine the number of keywords, but they don’t know they will miss the more critical love you once, I think this is my job as their search engine optimization partners to understand why the diversity of key words is very important to help them.

if you are a site owner, is just staring at a list of keywords is short, no matter how profitable, you also take care not only can rely on these words, there are three reasons for the diversity of the keyword is so important, Shanghai dragon and long-term online your success:

customer: "I want each of these keywords are ranked in the first love Shanghai"

not everyone is looking for the same things in the same way. For example, one may find the "Shanghai dragon" or "Shanghai dragon is what", it is very likely that they are looking for the same information. The search engine is more and more good at identifying synonyms and use them to create the search results, but one of the main keywords, you can extend a lot of keywords, a search engine drop-down box and relevant search and not all examples of these hidden keywords. So we have to find a variety of keywords for the website to find more viewers for their websites.

client: "so what do we do?"

small mammals remember with a potential client once the keyword optimization words they discussed, our conversation is like this.

?I think there must be a

I: "I understand, but as I said before, these keywords are key optimization. With the passage of time, but the immediate and long-term potential we can not be ignored, there are some new keywords.

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