mprove the three details to create the perfect software download station

] solution: upload pictures must be compressed, as far as possible to minimize this, you can use the tools to achieve, and for Flash, the author suggested that the webmaster don’t use, after all this stuff for a common server is not friendly in. At the same time, make good use of Web caching technology, which can reduce the server pressure to a certain extent.

[ misleading advertising software

: first let annoying pop-up ads become more human

with the development of the Internet era, more and more people begin to use the Internet website to earn a share of the market. Wangzhuan a variety of ways, such as the common advertising fee, online sales of products and so on. Among them, the software download guide is also a popular Wangzhuan, so more and more software download station began to emerge, but according to the survey, the majority of users of the software download site is very dissatisfied, what is the reason? We should use what countermeasures to solve? The author and we discuss the simple.


download a website will present the main software and advertising software, the main software is the user really need to download the software, while advertising is some in order to make extra money profits and put on the web. However, because there are too many advertising software, some owners will not prioritize the layout, and the main software.

software download station extra in order to earn more profit, they have joined the advertising alliance, and select some pop-up ads into the site to guide the user to click. This approach would have no ground for blame but if excessive, embedded, complicated pop ads, will let users feel very tired. How can we keep the pop-up ads, but also consider the user experience of


software download station due to lack of filler content, so many webmaster in order to make the site more fully " " some will add some pictures and Flash, intended to enhance the user on the website of the impression. But that is really the case? The answer is not certain, because a user enters the software download site, his purpose is very clear, that is what he wants to download software, if because of the picture and the Flash loading effect of the opening speed website, then this site can only be left to the user a very bad impression.


] solution: let the window advertising time off. Why users so tired of pop ads? One of the most important reasons is the need for the user to manually close the pop-up ads, which is fatal for some impatient users. So, I suggest you download the station should let oneself website pop-up ads automatically shut down, as in the following website:

second: improve the website pictures and Flash, reduce the server pressure

third: layout properly, don’t let the user

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