Qihoo 360 search on line for the majority of the influence of Shanghai Dragon

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in the face of this broke into the dark horse, have been far beyond our imagination, but we have no need to panic, since it is a search engine, it is always the principle is the same, that is the customer experience, any search engines are based on customer experience based. To change the status quo, we first make their website content and customer experience, and then the movement to contemplation of the Qihoo 360, with the slowly to solve the mystery of 360, and then further regulation.

search engine from Qihoo 360 low-key on-line these days, there have been a lot of traffic from search over 360! Although only a few days, but traffic has more than soso, Sogou and Google, only to love Shanghai, so we have to have rushed absolutely ignorant of a dark horse, has made a lot of Shanghai Dragon people feel panic, what will happen next? For 360 on-line search, how do we Shanghai dragon Er

Secondly, we analyze 360

from the web log these days can be seen, the current Qihoo 360 search engines have yet to the spider crawling website, combined with the 360 search engine called comprehensive search! So that is a comprehensive love Shanghai, Google and other search engine data and two sort! That is a keyword in the search, Qihoo 360 will the word search again in Shanghai, Google and other major search engines, and then integrated the two ranking show to the user finally. At present, after the data analysis shows that

? Since the

finally as Shanghai dragon Er, how to deal with the Qihoo 360:

from the Qihoo 360 low-key on-line, received the greatest impact when first love Shanghai, love Shanghai stock so far has fallen by 5.5%, while 360 stocks rose 8.95%, but from the Qihoo 360 Ask Search into love Shanghai know page, Shanghai has also made a "love you" is through the Qihoo search "visit beloved Shanghai know that to obtain complete high-quality love Shanghai search experience, you can put love Shanghai for home page or the love of Shanghai added to the desktop." The reminder, from that Shanghai officials have said that although the love of not doing it! But love the Shanghai boss has been a little impatient! Plus 360’s 360 browsers in the market share and do a few days before the Qihoo 360 secretly will 360 browser home page to a Qihoo 360 search has been seriously affected to each big website traffic sources, so as Shanghai, we also can’t put 360 as well as to ignore the Sogou search, then we know how to do?

search algorithms:

we must first to analyze market trends under the Qihoo 360 search:

is like this!

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