The chain for the website optimization and influence

three, reasonable arrangements for the construction of the chain of

The construction of the chain of

chain is not only a link you can, before is to do so, now love Shanghai more and more attention to quality, it belongs to the chain of garbage now, not only has no effect on the website optimization, but for the worse, the chain must pay attention to the content of construction, to grasp the user’s heart, let users browse for users, it is valuable, remember.

weight transfer, believe that there are still a lot of people know, based on this principle, the general platform of high weight, is very friendly to search engines, so on their website on your side of the link, similarly, you think this link is trustworthy, the premise must release to the relevant content. The best platform is also relevant, if not related to the release of the classification must be relevant, stick to it, will bring the unexpected effect;


introduction: the chain for the website optimization and search engine algorithm? With the constant adjustment, especially love Shanghai last year change, greatly reduces the chain for the website optimization effect, and improve the original value of the importance of the website optimization, so many enterprises will gradually give up the construction of the chain, the all the focus on the content of the construction, actually this kind of practice is inappropriate, although Shanghai’s love for the chain of the new algorithm, proposed a variety of restrictions, but did not plan to clear the chain without a price on the website optimization value, just outside the chain of masked low quality and high quality. And the content of the chain, or have a certain value, and the chain is also able to play a promotion role, can guide the spider to crawl the site, just outside the chain of the way to adjust, how What adjustments, look at the depth of the network is how to say.

not limited to several platforms, find some high weight platform to release the original valuable articles, or on other platforms for submission, common high weight website news source, the cost of a fee is also possible, there is now a very fire from the media platform, can register for some this is conducive to the release, reproduced in other users, that is the valuable content to users, with reprint manner so that belongs to the natural way, by the attention of the search engine, the best choice which premise with site theme related publishing platform, the effect is better;

four, pay attention to the chain content quality

two, select high weight platform

the construction of the chain need to continue, it will play its value, not to do optimization to do outside the chain, we must pay attention to the content of construction, pay attention to the laws issued today, not one hundred, tomorrow is ten, and the search engine friendly is very necessary, must adhere to a few day do not change radically, maintain stability, this is the search engine for the love, the natural site is of help, but the content must be related, and is valuable, so that it would be useful;

, the chain must be diversified

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