The chain of high quality to obtain

said the first correlation, the first thing we need to do is to find the relevant industry place to find the chain, if we are the network blog, I go to the website selling hardware and get the chain, so the quality of the chain will certainly be discounted, that is the contribution for the chain, then we need to go to the relevant the blog, type of website to exchange chain, related to the forum to do outside the chain. The forum is also quite good for the chain of the place. But must pay attention to.

In fact,

Xiao Bian also learn about in the article, to talk about their feelings and thoughts.

I was in the company, there are about more than 60 B2B type of website information, this website has the function of refresh every day, every day to the company is all website article refresh again, the chain effect is quite good. But this kind of B2B website, for the account of the audit is not very strict, control for Web links is also very loose, good operation and good place.

eight party resources network, included soon, the audit is not strict. >

1, rapid access to the high quality of the chain.

For example

of course does not necessarily have to contribute, just go to high weight website submission is a very good method.

2, the universality and the correlation of the chain.

quick way to get outside the chain of high quality is the best to write original articles to contribute, such as bovine X A5 net, if be included in an article, the quality of the chain is very high. If there will be a lot of reprint, then spread out the chain a lot, then that is a bonus. But this need we must have a solid foundation, the original false even, certainly not through, if the original is not passed, then take a look at the contents of the article. A blog is to practice their writing skills by some methods. The most important thing is your article to have certain help to the user.

is the breadth of the chain, is simply not in one place to send the chain, to diversify, blog, forum, the industry’s best.

3, B2B site, outside the chain of industry website.

had a sentence, content is king, the chain for emperor. We can see the importance of the chain, of course, must be outside the chain of high quality.


this is really good, and the weight is very high effective quickly.

forum outside the chain of attention is fine, for example: you send a post in the forum post title short posts a taste of your web site, so the chain is not what I want to use. A search engine is not included, but certainly see the forum management delete processing, which caused the chain is not stable, the website ranking fluctuations, I want to have a relationship with the stability of the chain.

love Shanghai is more and more strict, the chain of garbage is really not much help, but will harm us.

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