Small and medium sized enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng road from awareness to attention before trai


of course, this is only a preliminary contact, in order to better understand the needs of Shanghai dragon really feel Shanghai Longfeng role, so there will be the same as thinking like friend someone to optimize your web site. I have a client that is, last year he earned by website several million, though not much, but he only spent a few thousand dollars to optimize cost, so this year he still wants to earn a little money by optimization. So for the understanding of Shanghai dragon will gradually clear. You are in Shanghai Longfeng put on much, then by Shanghai dragon get much profit, a comparison we can know the role of the Shanghai dragon.

to know the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon

Road: understanding the role of Shanghai dragon to benefit Shanghai dragon

want to fully understand it needs a long process of one thing, and for the Shanghai dragon this completely strange things, many business owners may be prohibitive. But business owners want to make more money, they will cut costs, while the Internet is a big development direction, forward-looking business owners will contact with the network, then slowly have a bunch of friends on your network. Then slowly certainly will contact Shanghai dragon talent, slowly to have knowledge of Shanghai dragon.

2, pay attention to

1, understanding of the road: to understand the role of

when you have come to recognize the role of Shanghai dragon you will pay more attention to the Shanghai dragon, especially when Shanghai dragon can give their brought big gains, it will be more attention of enterprises, a famous SEER enterprises will slow.

yesterday also met a friend, he said that he had just opened a company, before is to help others out of their own work, and now want to do, mainly to do cosmetic plastic things, he for the website of this piece was paid more attention to, I helped him find a site optimization, although the final because of price no good to talk about, but we chat very happy, he also met a lot for Shanghai dragon, know Shanghai Longfeng role, so we will pay off this friend. When many companies stand for the understanding of the boss of Shanghai dragon is the beginning of the.

of small and medium-sized enterprises want to develop, I think, don’t give up this piece of network. The Internet is a treasure, we can a lot of golden eggs. Especially for some small and medium-sized enterprises has just started, must attach great importance to the network can bring profits. When it comes to many of the main business network for the network is not originally from Shanghai dragon began, but starting from the love of Shanghai promotion, there are many bosses spend a lot of money every year in advertising, business owners must also very sad, so some business owners slowly know someone to do Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Dragon so slowly, small and medium-sized enterprises began their Shanghai dragon road. This is an experience to share with you today: I want to go to the small and medium-sized enterprise of Shanghai dragon road.

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