The big opportunity to love Shanghai eleven hidden behind the phenomenon

1. adds a number of external links

, revealing the genesis of Shanghai eleven love behind the phenomenon and the principle of

for new sites, after the inspection of Shanghai will love the average speed of development of the site has a corresponding record, such as updating the chain, the average daily increase the amount of content, if the rapid increase of the chain site suddenly one day, the growth rate far exceeds the average speed of the past, then this phenomenon will cause the love of Shanghai alert, triggering the assessment mechanism, the website ranking is ranked eleven search results.

2. adds a number of repeated high content

if one day you find yourself in the search keywords website ranking suddenly fell out of the first page, row in the second page first, which is love Shanghai search results eleventh, this means that you met the legendary "love Shanghai eleven" phenomenon, which is relative to the noble baby. A similar to the noble baby "sandbox" mechanism of Shanghai’s own love. Many webmaster will feel the website by the love to punish Shanghai in the face of this phenomenon, it seems that the situation is very serious, in fact is not entirely true, facing eleven phenomena without excessive worry, in fact it is not full of danger, but hidden opportunities

as the unique noble baby launched anti cheating mechanism "sandbox", love Shanghai eleven phenomenon is actually a mechanism for investigation launched suspected of cheating in the site. For the old station ranking stable and do not have to worry about the eleven phenomenon will come into his head, because this study is mainly aimed at the railway station or railway station on the line soon, this phenomenon can lead to the situation is nothing less than the following:


3. website

and the chain, the website usually increase the content of the update time, like an update the number of articles have the corresponding statistics and the average level, but if the site in a few days at higher than normal speed is increased and the content of the original content is not high, and the network has many contents the existence of excessive repetition, so this kind of behavior will also be regarded as a suspected of cheating and anti cheating mechanism to trigger, the site into the inspection mechanism eleven.

if the owners of the site.

according to the statistics and analysis of the author, for many in the stability of the old station, basically do not encounter love Shanghai eleven phenomenon. This phenomenon often occurs in some of the most long development time is not "new", so it is for some time soon love Shanghai station, a railway station or a new ranking review mechanism is not yet stable taken, we can see it as a love for the Shanghai site, in the "assessment" the assessment of the opportunities behind much more dangerous, of course, the premise is your site not cheating! So, today let us look at how to grasp the opportunity to live love Shanghai eleven behind the phenomenon brought to the site

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