Website drop right reason analysis


9. Links: exchange Links must carefully review after the decision, the specific content can see my site a devoted friend chain.

5. Shanghai dragon cheating: the use of Shanghai dragon cheating site optimization, Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a long process, not a moment but cheating website, it is possible to make a new

1. server instability: if your web server is not stable, the website still can not be opened, the most important search engines on the user experience a great negative impact! In addition, server instability will lead to a spider crawling to the content of the website, for a long time, the spider can for you the website is not willing to lose confidence, the spider come to your website

3.: the site outside the chain of cheating on the search engine site outside the chain of cheating fight is very severe, recently launched green love Shanghai method in order to combating the sale of the chain, if your site use cheat chain, such as mass links and link, the search engine that punishment is very severe

4. web content non Original: we all know that search engines love the original article, if your site is long to collect the existing online contents or copy and paste directly to your site, then the search engine of the notice will make your site drop right

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many people’s website included snapshot back, suddenly reduced, the site is down right, some know was down the right reasons but can not find the website down right! The original update, timing chain timing also released, there is no problem Links website, that is what the problem, they tend to make the novice webmaster confused, today Taizhou Shanghai dragon collected a number of sites down the right reason for reference:


7. website: website is to pay special attention to the Shanghai dragon, when you have to go to the website Web site visit more and more on the revision of such information to avoid the site because the revision is down right


2. frequent replacement Site Title: recurrent modify site title will be punished by search engines, the title is the theme of a website, the website often modify title will make the search engine to produce the illusion of website content, the content does not match with that title so that the site is down right


8. traffic hijacking: some Shanghai dragon Er will use high weight website and some popular words to intercept the flow of your website main content is not what people want to the content that the user experience of the website has a great impact, the flow is there, but out of high rate, the early party is right down

6. website frequently attacked: the website is frequently attacked will make the user experience of the website is greatly affected, here in Taizhou Shanghai dragon suggest that you often check the web security, web security index is too low will make the site down right


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