What kind of site outside the chain to improve website weight

site with hyperlink:

the way the chain can chain to their own websites, search engines can arrive at your site from the site, it will increase the weight of the website, but the keyword rankings have little effect.

, a web site without hyperlink:

a little trick to share with you: try to use in a page which can be said to be not, don’t use the same anchor text to add links, keywords to timely to update some similar meaning, will not cause the fatigue of the search engine, diversify keywords anchor text links of their own that is your web site will look more natural and smooth, we don’t need to worry about the side effects, because the relevant keywords can also get good rankings, and not just the only key words to optimize, relax the aesthetic fatigue of the search engine, so that the search engine will be more on your website interested in.

1, as far as possible to ensure that add anchor text link website related to your website

search engine characteristics, also has a very good value in the internal links to a website recommendation, so we can expand our thinking, in our station in operation in accordance with the link to operate in the external link means >


the way the chain is the most easy to do, but also the most no effect, in the Shanghai dragon optimization basically meaningless, most are useless, because there is no chain to your site, so can not bring weight lifting.


webmaster and Shanghai dragon ER presumably know the importance of the chain, the so-called "content is king, the chain for emperor" has become the Shanghai dragon bible. So webmaster and engaged in Shanghai Longfeng work friends are often hard to send a lot of areas outside the chain, but some of my friends in the operation there are some questionable areas, should be on what kind of site outside the chain to improve website weight effectively and some is not very clear. Madman of Chu here and share with you several different ways and the role of the chain:


3, the anchor text of the chain in the chain is as important as

three, anchor text, or text with hyperlinks, such as: The Madman of Chu

2, the anchor text keywords can be properly diversified

This is the best way of

chain, we know that the so-called chain, is equivalent to other web pages in the search engine for your site cast a vote, which can guide the search engine to access your site to improve the site weight and can be very good to improve the keywords ranking effect, usually friendship link anchor text the most easily available link. We do need to pay attention to the following problems when the anchor text keyword link.

website related to the content of the anchor text of the chain, the search engine gives higher weights, this is well understood, recommendation credibility peers with higher

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