There is talk about problems in Shanghai Longfeng industry

3, the lack of calm, pragmatic enough

for this, all walks of life will be there. In the Shanghai dragon industry, this part of the people accounted for the majority, undeniable doers have, but more unrealistic. Every love Shanghai big update, will lead a group of "slobber War:" love Shanghai and the adjustment of the algorithm, and make test love Shanghai. I think, for a better user experience, each search engine will be on their own adjustment algorithm. So, if we only need to catch a little on the line? If our websites only need from customer service from OK? I believe this core will not change. Many Shanghai dragon ER every day by gathering, a large number of the chain to improve the ranking, even in the short term to get a good ranking, but it also has much significance? Is not able to do a good job of the optimization of the site within the.


we all know, Shanghai Longfeng entry threshold is not low, do not need too profound knowledge of the network, it is because of this, many people think that we don’t need to learn too many things, in fact, that is not attached to the Shanghai dragon performance. These people think that you can easily master the target keywords ranking, or is that hard to rank their keywords can also make up. If you don’t actually do it, these are the clouds, but also funny things. The key points of the website internal optimization many people neglect to rank, even every day the Internet create a lot of garbage. How can we talk about Shanghai dragon? Every time you update to a little love Shanghai, countless people Voices of discontent. In the webmaster forum posting irrigation, industry, need patience, carefulness and resources, not impetuous, otherwise, you will always do well in Shanghai Longfeng, let alone to obtain long-term development in this industry.


1, do not pay attention to Shanghai dragon

in Shanghai Longfeng industry, a large number of people love to follow suit, they are convinced that the so-called Shanghai Longfeng authority, imagine, which master will have time to really share "

website optimization is the Shanghai people from all walks of life and dragon webmaster is a headache problem, hard months may not see up, even if the ranking is up, bringing traffic, does not bring the conversion rate. Although the flow is important to a website, but eventually get the conversion rate to speak. In a company, Shanghai dragon personnel website as to bring customers the performance pressure, including hard work only do people understand. Because of this often see some Adsense complaining in hard months website ranking suddenly disappear, he is not love Shanghai and in the adjustment of the algorithm and so on. We can find the abnormal phenomenon of Shanghai dragon industry is maximized completely, only a small update usually does not arouse much waves. The Shanghai dragon that has the following phenomenon in Shanghai Dragon Industry:

unrealistic exaggeration We all know that

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