With the two level domain name to do we need to pay attention to what

do stand during the author, often will see some of the two site to buy some one-way links, without any link to the output, so that the weights of links to other sites to flow into the weight of the website, this will undoubtedly have an impact. In fact, the old webmaster should know, one-way links and Links are different, one is unilateral, each other, for example we buy a link that is one-way. Friendship is a two-way link. And there are a lot of optimization webmaster all think one-way links effect is good, in order to do new when buying a lot of links to some one-way links to your site, so that the large number of weights into the new station. In fact, do not agree to such practices of the author, because when a new starting point to the many links station, is likely to be the search engine that there’s cheating, resulting in the site is not included or included delay, it will also give a good impression of search engine and the nature of our site’s ranking to weight is very unfavorable.

believe that every webmaster all know, if we do in the two level site if not careful to search engine drop right after we master undoubtedly will be affected, but we also know that for two level domain name, search engine is considered to be a new site, and this new site is our main domain name has a very subtle influence is the relationship between the exchange, to use an old saying in terms of words is "jinzhuzhechi, howl". So if we say when a domain name on the site a lot of open multiple stations, it will also have an impact on our site, the weight will also have a certain degree of dispersion, believe that over two site friends all know, two level domain name is actually "eat" the weights of the primary domain, so it appeared when we primary domain weight well, we do two sites, ranking is very easy to go on. So here I suggest you when doing the two level domain do not blindly to do, we must ensure that the master is the weight in the case of planning and optimization of substation, synchronization to ensure the promotion, the master and two site exchange flow, to achieve a two pronged effect.



(two) two level lift station weight.

(a) not only one-way links.

for a new station, from the beginning to get the favour of search engine, is usually impossible, especially for a just on the line without any weight at all sites, and some owners with two level domain name to do station, however search engines still suck, which is not included. No doubt for many webmaster caused trouble, then our most basic site construction work completed, for the promotion of the operation in step how to operate? How to solve the departure of its search engine included the problem in the shortest time? Today I will solve this problem with the simple share some experience.

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