Yueyang Forum on the impact of the four elements snapshot speed

no matter what you do, what industry, state of mind is the most important. A cool head with a calm heart, so you can take a lot of little detours, refused a lot of unnecessary trouble thinking and decision. Website optimization more need this mentality. This snapshot not update wocbegone, do not want to do this, it does not want to do, if a snapshot of your mess like this, then your mind will be good limited. There are some links, website snapshot with Adsense itself mentality as the saying goes, not one family not into a house, so we have to do is to put the mentality, not to a snapshot of the new joy, not to the snapshot slow and sad. The third party with the mentality to correctly treat the website snapshot, believe that the harvest is not just a snapshot of the rapid update, may also reach a new level.

to be friends of the station, the snapshot is undoubtedly the most direct experience of a website and good reference index. But many webmaster for website snapshot too slow and too slow to worry about, even the snapshot will also affect the update content, increase the enthusiasm of the chain. Today I tell you about the new snapshot solution station for two years. The main influence factor of website snapshot has four points: a state of mind. Two content. Three chain. Four frame structure. The following analysis of 11

chain is strong or not many factors, a snapshot of the most basic point is the website. Many webmaster all have time to do the chain suddenly, regardless of the consequence, can add link place all add to add, cannot leave, such a day to do hundreds, or even thousands, of a sudden chain website fierce geometric growth to the situation. However, a few days busy, and the chain increases it to delay, do not do. This is the response of many webmaster chain roller coaster, the current time. The reason is that the chain of stationmaster itself caused by. So don’t say not updated snapshot, can keep the site not being K away is good fortune. So I want to snapshots

three: the chain of powerful

is a website of the soul, is the only "food engine spider search". A web site a few days or even a month are not updated once, even if it is to a spider, and nothing to feed it, it will give you a good impression. For example, if you go to the market to buy food, if you go to the market buy eggplant every day for three days, but did not sell eggplants wherever you go, how long did not have to sell, then you will continue to go there to buy? So, the content is the same, do the webmaster is updated every day different content for the time, the spider every day to something to eat, eat enough not to eat it is another thing. But the content should be excellent, reprinted to reprint the content to advise you not to let the spider feel okay, so eat spiders eat something else. Ok.

Influence factors of the new Influence factors of old and new

: a new snapshot of factors affecting the calm state of mind

snapshot two: quality content


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