Two strokes five let your love Shanghai keywords fly

The anchor text work

and Google keyword keywords love Shanghai. Optimize the love Shanghai keywords, is the pursuit of many of the goals, also many new Adsense nightmare! How to optimize love Shanghai keywords, the author thinks that the need to adhere to good pre planning and post. From the characteristics of Shanghai Shanghai dragon love view, as a webmaster or Shanghai Longfeng personnel do keyword optimization shall do a good job of the following major tasks:

1. clear main keywords to promotion, modify the work according to the key words determine the key words to promote the site title, meta and description, of which description description should have new ideas and means smooth, consistent with Chinese word segmentation criterion, the problem can not be applied mechanically, right. When necessary, the key words can do two times repeat.

in micro-blog rising and has become the main way to promote the network environment.

There are great differences in the optimization strategy of

3. to set up the third party blog group, the third party blog mainly including love Shanghai, NetEase, Sohu, Sina, Phoenix, Tianya, and etc., each blog set 1-2 to the main keywords optimization, construction of wheel chain in the Links blog, more importantly, the blog blog the group should be regularly updated. In the third party blog allowed the anchor text link or chain case, should try to get together with the main keywords of the anchor text and to promote the site’s external links.

in title and meta to determine the main keywords and description, avoid frequent modifications or changes, such modifications and changes will make love Shanghai think your site is not stable and reduce included or no longer included effects on the website and keywords are very big.

2. do the main keywords, this in various forums are everywhere, will not repeat it! But the main keyword density in 2%-8%. The anchor text keywords should be formed within the main chain of the appropriate number.

determination of main keywords should be based on the characteristics of the industry and for the user search habits industry as the main basis, and can make use of "keywords love Shanghai promotion assistant" recommended tools (although not very accurate, but the reference value), in the use of keywords search tools recommended recommended keywords, should consider the competition program and keywords the average daily search volume. For the competitive process is very high but the average daily search volume keywords, there is no need to use it as the main keyword promotion, unless it is a special industry. In order to "trademark search" as an example, the average daily search volume of more than 20000 registered trademark search "and competitive program is not very high, the average daily search volume and" trademark agency qualification query is less than 5 and the competition program is very high, so in the choice of keywords, should choose "registered trademark search" instead of "trademark agency qualification query keywords.

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