Content is king of the times we really have to do to make the content of the website

fourth, do not blindly to do the Shanghai dragon. Most of the time, the author found that writing some articles in his heart, but these articles are very dull, users do not love reading, so that the webmaster heart is how to think? As far as I know, is to look to the search engines, search engines as long as their purpose is achieved, in fact this idea is completely mistaken, the user does not recognize your article, you will jump out of the rate increase, the user retention time is short, still can not get the search engine recognition, so these tricks deceptive thinking when the construction of the firm can not have any illusions.

second, your article is worth reading for users? The original article is just the foundation of the high quality of the article, this is our Shanghai dragon er or web editor for the user value, writing articles should grasp the premise, even if the original article, but for users without help, such as some of the articles it is written in their own, but you make a careful analysis, the article is not in every hour and moment to advertise their products, to boast of the example we not Ziwobiaobang be too numerous to enumerate, but to actually help to our website for users.

Finally, the author sum up,


first, you write the article? The first thing is very important, we all know this is the basis of weight lifting, a lot of the time we talked about the article should have the quality, but even the readability is very strong, the article also illustrated the user experience is good, but not their own, we feel that there are therefore, the author thinks that the value? A little article represents the quality first is the most basic, is the first to write their intentions to

, as a webmaster are very aware of the importance of the content, but a lot of the time people do not know where to start? The above is the author of the original article that we can build.

third, for the website to add some appropriate picture color. Why the Taobao art is very hot, a crown shop designer salary hundreds of thousands, the reason is very simple, because most of the time is very emotional when buying something, as our enterprise web site is a truth, some problems such as product descriptions, product details we may not use words to express. This time the appropriate visual elements or other pictures or video to help readers understand can integrate, the purpose is to through the visual elements to increase our products convincing, many times, these details affect the possibility of user transactions.

we know, website optimization process content is king, the chain of a large number of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners for the emperor thought, with the development of the search engine algorithm, the chain for the emperor of the times gradually become history of the bubble, and the content is king is like the mountain stands not to sound, so, what we need that content is king, what should we do that?

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