Are you still working for the Shanghai Phoenix

a year after I quit my own business, using the knowledge learned to do sales, using their knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng, set up a sales site, although it is very successful, but also continued to sell some products. When I sold the first product, I feel very excited, it is a kind of incomparable sense of achievement. Although the sale of a product only earned ten dollars, but let me see hope. Then they gradually build a lot of product sales site, can be considered. Two years later, I began to do product promotion, in a more relaxed way of selling products, gradually on the right track.

working for others, can get is always limited, and their own business, not only can enjoy the fun of their own entrepreneurial, but also learned all play out, it can reflect a person’s value. However, if you are going to start their own businesses, we must master basic knowledge of an industry, not blindly follow up. Do you think you learned a lot, but in actual operation, you can find their own knowledge and few. To do product sales, to master many things, including product selection, promotion, customer service, etc..

I had a network company to work, just enter the company, assigned work updates on the website, then I just contact Shanghai dragon, know something less, only experience is their use of Zblog to build a small blog. Later, I slowly understand, this is a product sales company, the company’s profit orientation has two, one is to do advertising, is a natural Shanghai dragon optimization, and I am responsible for part of the website optimization is part of many of the company’s employees, I only responsible for updating. However, after a period of study, I gradually mastered the Shanghai Longfeng process, including a variety of Web site optimization strategy, and leisure has been constantly learning.

is a Shanghai dragon ER, many people are working in Shanghai as a dragon, a small role in a company, with a minimum wage, do the hard work. In the eyes of the boss, Shanghai dragon ER is one of the most elementary work, in addition to update the site is the chain, without any difficulty. Many Shanghai dragon ER feel, he created a very high value, but not to their own reward, heart some lost, but some are not convinced. If you really think I learned enough knowledge, may wish to own independent portal, to start my own business.

well, you are in the company, a scheme is done by everyone, is responsible for the promotion, is responsible for the chain, is responsible for updating the responsibilities of each position is not the same, you will do, you won’t do optimization, you will do optimization. Perhaps there are not proficient in website, understand the site, may not understand the art, do the artists, not necessarily will do, want to do poineering work independently, one needs to master all the knowledge, if not proficient, also roughly know how to operate. When you >

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