On importance of Shanghai dragon how fast by the crawler

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links to a process is also very important for the website optimization, can indirectly affect the weights of the website in the search engine. We used the link is divided into: anchor text links, links, text links and images.

is the automatic extraction of web crawler program, such as the Shanghai spiders love, want to let oneself website more pages indexed, first >

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said the Shanghai dragon, we are not unfamiliar, Shanghai dragon Chinese translation for search engine optimization, by means of site optimization, improve the site keywords ranking, so as to improve the product exposure.

thus, at present Shanghai Longfeng for enterprises and products, is of great significance to replace.

so what is the long tail keywords? As the name implies, is actually relatively long keywords. Long tail keywords search volume is relatively small, can be appropriate to appear in the article, the soft enterprise.

in this era of the Internet, many people go to check the information online before buying new products, brand reputation, evaluation to see what will be better, this time ranking products will have absolute advantage. According to the survey, 87% of Internet users will use search engines to find the required information service, which has nearly 70% of the search will search directly on the first page of the natural ranking search results of the information they need.

keyword, but what is the use of specific keywords? Keywords is the core of Shanghai dragon, is an important factor in the web search engine ranking.

point to note is that the density of keywords appear not too much, but it can not be too small, generally in 3% to 6% is more appropriate, the same article, it is best not to appear too many keywords, the best control in about 3~5.

we often see many sites where there will be Links, but with the love of Shanghai Links algorithm adjustment, the effect is very small. At present, through the method of text, picture of the way the most scientific communication links, especially through high quality soft, let others reproduced communication links to external sites, is the best way to present.

identified several key words, be of great advantage to enhance the site traffic, but must be with the website, products with high correlation. At the same time can analyze the rival keywords, do the enemy. Of course, there must be the core keywords, if you are a web site service, so you can be the core Keywords: the site of Shanghai Longfeng, website optimization; if other products, you can according to their products or services to locate, such as: weight loss, moisture replenishment, car care and so on……

chain can also affect the weight of


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