ndustry website construction of file layout

said many documents, not to engage in technology may not understand how. Plainly, is the site in how the picture stored, static page generation how to store, shop how static page layout and so on. Look at the pictures stored below the layout.

said the picture stored, static page generation under the following twelve. This is a static page to optimize the consensus, however, industry website data says big, say small, to generate static pages are still need some technical content. Here with industry news and information website for example how to store under. The reason is very simple, that is to say the above pictures, with a folder, according to different folder to store the date generated. At this point, after the person is also observed in the use of the A5 path. There is a problem, we need to give this information in the database in a field with time, this time is forever. And when this information is modified or updated, change another time and date field. After doing this, we can guarantee this information when each generation can date in that folder. To ensure that the search engine index.

a few days ago, I wrote to you a "website construction industry keywords layout in A5", was the top 8 times, hit 5 times, in the Shanghai dragon why recommended 7 times. In general it is quite gratifying. After all the practical experience to write out the intentions of thinking. It is in order to promote their own website, but also in the real sharing of skills. Again today to share with you the file layout of the website construction industry.

has no experience of technicians, always put the whole industry website pictures in a folder. After doing this, when we reach a certain number of pictures, we have to open or copy the entire picture folder will be very difficult. A site of the industry the author previously experienced that is open that folder are spent 3 hours, because the pictures folder with 30W pictures, reached 50 G the amount of data. So, put the pictures in different folder is a must. According to the classification of the types of images, such as business license to the license folder, the product images into productpic this folder, this folder in the trademark trademark. After this, not the end. Because the industry website, product pictures is the most, the business license and trademark points out, far can not solve the problem of large folder. This time, one where the East Ou pump valve network www.dopv.cn is doing it. It is in the product picture folder in productpic according to the date generated a different folder. For example, upload today holds up to 20120402, tomorrow upload saved 20120403, after doing so, every day even thousands, tens of thousands of pictures of products, with a separate folder are no problems.

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