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a lot of people will talk about e-commerce e-commerce at a distance. Even some people think it’s e-commerce enterprises, the company can only play, we have grassroots civilian capital to play. I think this idea is completely mistaken. What is electronic commerce? Simple explanation is that "electronic" is a computer. "Business is business"; therefore e-commerce refers to through the computer the Internet to do business, as long as any transactions generated by the network behavior, can be called e-commerce, any business that is on the network to do. In China, represented by electronic commerce is Ma Taobao online shopping platform, and now sh419 has ah, A new force suddenly rises. Tencent pat on Taobao, and so on; build up the family fortunes become millionaires and many are too many to count, ordinary people. So, I have confidence, believe that the roots can become heroes. Grassroots civilians would succeed

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said." This sentence may have not attracted enough attention of the people. But for me, I was absolutely 100% believe. What a great Ma Yun? Maybe you don’t know him or very disdain for him, he’s got a Alibaba engaged in a Taobao online shopping platform. Is this right? However, two things he’s just doing enough to influence our whole Chinese! He opened up the network shopping way, has not every hour and moment affecting and changing our life. If you haven’t bought something online, then you OUT. Online shopping has become the trend of the Internet today, so. And we want to follow the crowd, adapt to the social development, adapt to the development of the Internet. So, as Wangzhuan of our people, the future is clear, we need and must walk the road of future is – e-commerce,.

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we’ll do e-commerce, why we must now learn to learn and do Wangzhuan, SEO? I think that now we learned Wangzhuan, SEO technology, production site, all is ready for the future of electronic commerce. Why do you say that? A simple example, we will shop in Taobao, need to do propaganda? Need to promote? The answer is yes! In fact, operation and promotion of a shop with operating site is the same. So, we should study Wangzhuan now, proficient in SEO technology, if you can freely operate a web site, I believe you it can easily go to the operation and promotion of a shop.

"If you don’t do e-commerce now, you’ll definitely regret it for the next five years,"

refers to such a words: "spread Wangzhuan the Internet is a new business, every new business opportunity will be a large number of millionaires. The first generation rich by courage, by the second generation of rich road, tickets by the third generation of rich, rich man by the fourth generation of the brain; we are the first of several generations? When others don’t understand, you know what you are doing; when others don’t understand, you understand yourself in.

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