2007 our successful road to entrepreneurshipshlf1314 is cheating to win the title of sentiment some

traffic should be full of

finally want to say is, cheating is not the way, always have to choose other ways to make money, don’t stop here, stop.

has been, I do is Vietnamese goods business, although also achieved good results, but too many sales of this product, then how to do, also difficult to have greater success, so I have been looking for their own products, do you want to do brand products, make a fist the product, so I have been struggling to think.

        by the end of 2006, I finally found a good project, that is energy-saving appliance, the lack of resources, energy saving products will be the gospel of mankind.

        find the project, I have to do to verify the project, I put energy-saving appliance and ordinary appliance made the contrast experiment, the energy-saving burner can save energy by more than 45%, a bottle of gas can be used when two bottles, and because you can completely let the gas burning, also plays a role in environmental protection well, I went to check the products with patent certificate, light industry quality assurance certification quality certificate, certificate of green environmental protection and so on are true, that the project, identified the product, I at all costs and took the whole country product distribution rights……

        now, I am a national distributor of the product, and I had a very good market actual operation, also made a viable marketing program, so I put the good products, good project to introduce to you. In order to make the product better popularization, I put the agent condition low level agency for the first time as long as the purchase amount of 5000 yuan can do county agency, from ten thousand yuan to one hundred thousand yuan to the municipal agency, agency. Wholesale 2000 yuan, you can do dealers. Free of any joining costs, so that we can spend a little money to have a chance to create a career, because I know we start business is not easy, I also started from small capital.

        because the product is suitable for public opinion, every family used to be, the market prospect is broad, so soon someone took our products in Jiangxi, the agency, the agency of Guizhou in some areas, there are more gaps in the market gave us a good opportunity to hope we are able to grasp the common market, bigger and stronger. Please contact me for more details, because the layout is limited here.

        the following is />
  entrepreneurship competition Title:

        the Alibaba website dig into the pot of gold and made several forum moderators in a forum!


has been through the advertising task website cheating, put in 58 ad task network most frequently, holding a shlf1314 3-5 account at the same time, before there is only one account for cheating, after receive the money, and their parents’ number application two accounts, then with a friend, almost to the point of madness and that he really became a capable, good webmaster, until a recent title just wake up, that is just a piece of.

station to choose good

to have enough traffic, keep the click rate below 2%, generally stay at 0.2% is the best.

was sealed only one of the number, and the other two numbers nothing, after analysis summed up the following as follows:

account was blocked, largely because I was out of the 58 ad mission network, but also put a number of ads. Later summed up, the members of these stations, a lot of overlap, that is, do 58, and do other. So if you put in multiple stations, there must be a repetition of IP, resulting in a title, so you need to choose an online station rather than some small sites.

some advertising mission station there is a loophole, the same IP may point many times, therefore, need to choose a better station in sh419 and shlf1314, through the comprehensive comparison, 58 is good, relative to other sites, function more perfect.

shlf1314 audit is a bit, to click together dozens of days, if there is a click on the scale, is cheating, so remember to cheat shlf1314 released 3 days, then, with a longer time period IP, shlf1314 does not care about. After all, relative to income, investment is only a drop in the bucket.

earn more money, I think it should save costs, so the three days a IP click, replaced by a day, so naturally form a title.

don’t hurt, cost

don’t be too greedy, an account can only place one stop,

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