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when the addition principle in the law of genius is widely accepted, many things are defined by the addition law. And business is not guaranteed. Well, what kind of equation should I start with? Naturally, with my own entrepreneurial experience, I’ve come up with an equation, entrepreneurship, =60%, inspiration, +40%, perseverance.

XX brand was established in 2012, is a professional photographic equipment manufacturing company’s brand. The company began to carry out creative publicity in 2012, including the forum held in the flash hummingbird training camp, held the 8.15 Beijing Shanghai famous forum rob floor to buy light activity, even in September went to Cologne in photographic equipment.

inspiration: many people think that success or failure depends on opportunities. However, since I started my business, I have summed up the inspiration, the most important, and the opportunity is only part of the inspiration. There are three main reasons.

one reason: market competition is fierce, inspiration has its own piece of heaven and earth;

Flickr was soon successful when it was released, and in 2005 the couple sold Flickr to Yahoo. Like most has just been acquired business products, at the time of the Flickr look promising. But the Flickr team soon found itself forced to focus on integrated services rather than continuing innovation, which created a major risk for its future.

from Flickr was acquired after the encounter, we can see the acquisition of the small team at YAHOO followed such a big company in the unfortunate situation, and again the sad consequences of missed opportunities.

of course, since I was in the field of promotion. I slowly started in their promotion into the inspiration from the original elements, I give customers to develop simple Forum promotion recommendations to the last forum marketing, sh419 asked, press releases and other one-stop marketing services, is a very good example of the use of inspiration.

at that time, the real value of Flickr lies in the large amount of classified, well labeled and complete photos uploaded by its user community, which is a valuable database resource. But YAHOO cares about the vast database itself, not the users who complete and expand it. Therefore, YAHOO did not develop new features to further expand the user community plan, but the Flickr team provides the integration plan strictly in order to have Flickr in the photo data value into a variety of services to YAHOO. The Flickr team had to spend a lot of human and financial resources to meet YAHOO’s harsh demands without more resources for further innovation.

was the hardest thing to do at the beginning, and there were a lot of uncertainties. Therefore, if you want to walk faster in the road of entrepreneurship, you should have the inspiration to help. Here’s an example of a customer I’ve been promoting the customer takes the XX brand as a photographic device.

in the business now in the market, the most taboo is undermining such a. However, this is also the most likely scene of the market. Once your product or service lacks the advantages and highlights, you will be faced with the risk of being eliminated.

is an entrepreneurial team beyond the era of vision, is a large company brutally killing — missed slow social opportunities, at the mobile market, Flickr should decline to all entrepreneurs as a warning.

loses ego,

reason three: Inspiration helps the road to entrepreneurship go faster,

once, I saw an article called "ideas in the NetEase, to buy socks" monthly articles, this paper introduces a subscription service for the customer provide to socks "black socks website". The nature of this website was very successful, there is no doubt that his success cannot do without its founder Sami whimsy. Because in the current market, each can get gold industry almost all have covered numerous competitors, in order to occupy a world of their own in the fierce competition in the market, they must have their own inspiration and support.

reasons two: inspiration can not only bring customers, but also retain customers

opportunities can help you find customers, but can not help you retain customers, and inspiration has two advantages to bring customers and retain customers.


if you want to list those big companies after the decline of the purchase of hot products, Flickr must be ranked first. This year the epoch-making significance of entrepreneurial team work has now become increasingly marginalized, ordinary users to Instagram, Facebook or Path and other new photo sharing services and social networks, professional users are gradually transferred to 500px more attractive, easier to use and cheaper professional photo storage service. Even users who simply want to store photos have more choices, such as Dropbox, Skydrive, and shlf1314 Drive.

Flickr’s founder, Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake, is a couple who started their project as a game, and Flickr is a photo sharing service in the game. Couples with a clear understanding of the future of online services quickly realized that an online share photo product is more promising than a game. So they began to do their best to complete Flickr’s online photo sharing service. It was in 2003, when most people were not aware that the photos could be shared online.

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