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compared to those fancy sites, my practice is much simpler, first of all, the product breakdown, and then build a product only a web site. For example, I have a website specifically to lose weight tea as the theme, every day to update a few articles with long tail keywords original article, so that from the search engine to the directional flow will be firmly grasp. Then I place on the website hung a flashing pictures, write: crown reputation, Taobao is the most effective slimming tea! Picture links is of course their guest address. In this way, every visitor to the website has only one choice, so the conversion rate is very high.

in October 1, 1999, as a student studying abroad, I attended 50th anniversary in Daqing. I returned to Silicon Valley with my Ph. D. entrepreneur delegation. I am not a doctor and I don’t know how to choose me. The group mainly met with officials from all over the country, the provincial Party committee secretary, the provincial governor and the vice governor

hunting cloud network founder Robin Li MBA in 2011 and the students interact with Business School of Tsinghua University, revealed his 11 years of entrepreneurial experience and perception of life. Robin Li summed up three good corporate experience: convenient, simple, dependent, efficient.

although the station every day my money is not much, but I can do some batch of similar sites, I believe the future will have Many a little make a mickle., good income. For those who have not yet made money, try this method. If you do your best, you will be rewarded someday.

below is Robin Li’s speech at the school of management, Tsinghua University:

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I asked a lot of people, including asking the students here, what do you want to do in the future, many people may be able to say, what I want to do, what kind of career success, is able to say, but from the current state to the final realization of the ideal, this process, changes may occur in a variety of. The market will change, the idea may be changed, that is possible now with the state you want to achieve, the gap is large, is not confident, when you encounter difficulties, when you have a strong resistance or a powerful enemy, when competing rival, will insist, when you have a lot of temptation, it will change their minds, these factors in the growth process of life, everyone will encounter.

although many people early to take their own proprietary code, but the real money making friends are relatively small. I have done Taobao customers for some time, can only be said to earn a little money, the promotion of Taobao customers some of their own views, here to share with you.

guest webmaster must understand that it is now Taobao has formed a brand, a lot of people know how to online shopping directly to the official website for the product. If you make your website like a full range of products, it’s beautiful, but you can’t retain targeted users.

seven years ago, sh419 has not been listed, today, sh419 has market capitalization of $about 40000000000. The sh419 listing in 2005 created a record of the US capital market: a foreign company gained more than 350% shares on the day, something that had never been before.

listed last August 5th, 5th anniversary, we made a small celebration: NASDAQ specifically for a company to do long-distance opening, that is, in the sh419 building sounded the big bell. An American man, about seventy or eighty years old, called Bob Tim, which he spoke a word, sh419 listed five years to create a great value for shareholders, the stock rose more than 30 times five years, income rose several times. But, he says, the only person I see faster than sh419 is Robin Li himself.

and many webmaster, I also through the website of this platform to promote Taobao products. But my method is different from most webmaster. Many people promote Taobao products when they are making or buying a special set of templates, which covers all the current hot products. But this method I personally do not optimistic about, and many friends also complain about the flow of their site a lot, but can not earn a penny. In fact, the reason for this phenomenon is simple, visitors come to your web site to see so many goods, certainly no idea. Left, right, after the election, feel that everything is good, but want to buy more than three, to see if there is no higher cost performance. How to do it? Simply go directly to the Taobao search, so that no one will enter the interface from your site into the sale of goods.

Robin Li: I was here last time to speak to Qinghua University of management and economics, but that was seven years ago. Today I see the students here are younger than those of our classmates at that time, and we are seven years old.

to Chinese stationmaster, Taobao guest is not strange word already. With the rapid development of e-commerce, Humayun Ali mother quickly built Taobao passenger platform, a pearl in the palm for his taobao escort. Because Taobao customers use the sales commission model, and many commodities, commissions higher, so many webmasters have been sought after.

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for so many years has been insisting on doing the same thing, and can continue to grow with the company, in the end the main reason for where, the most fundamental reason, or their own ideals. Some time ago there is a book called "life that sh419 can go straight", from A to B, if I’m in the A point, B point is my goal, from A to B, I can find a straight line in the past, so how to walk in a straight line, a lot of things easy to say.

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