GOMEZ products there’s no website to promote moneyThe new mode of inquiry in the 2011 Taobao guest

, a blog program choice: now blog program, which WordPress and zblog are the most popular, 2 of Se are very friendly and we want to profit must, people enter our website, then we must provide our website keyword ranking to bring effective customer. Among them, SEO optimization ranking specific does not say, the original content of the site, high-quality outside the chain, the construction of the chain is essential, and these 3 are the key points to improve the ranking. There are 2 benefits of choosing a blog program, namely, interacting with the customer, and being able to optimize the rankings, but rather not having an update system.

three, try the market: we do product promotion always is not good enough to determine customer needs, after go out to promote our products, the best, the Commission should pay attention to a product to sell the highest, if a product to sell.

alliance Lele register as a GOMEZ user, your money will grow with time and, in the active state, the running time will pay 0.0035RMB per minute, while you can through the website, forum, blog, BBS, E-MAIL, , MSN etc. the product description and connection release, as long as through your propaganda registered as a member, we will pay you 8 yuan / month membership registration fee.

GOMEZ is used as a test software for computers. Since Peer can reflect the end user experience of Internet and support the Internet performance management network established by Gomez, Gomez will pay a certain amount of Peer owner as a reward.

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, let’s start the national money age! GO!

2010 was a year of flooding at Taobao’s single page, and Taobao is increasingly competitive. We want to do Taobao friends will go from here?. That’s a lot of trouble for Taobao customers. A single page station, presumably a lot of friends know it! The so-called single page stand is a web site, that is, do the same product. Now casually sh419 search, weight loss, acne long tail words are basically some single page stand, competition is very fierce. So, how do we jump out of the odd bit of "single page"? After all, the current single page ranking always brings visual fatigue and makes it difficult to clinch a deal. Before entering this article topic we need to figure out what is the most capable of customer trust, which is Taobao’s "user comments", as long as a good grasp of this point, seizes to do, believe your income will stand before income many times larger than. In fact, this model has been done in 2010, but very few people find. Well we come into the theme of the article, 2011 what we need to do to maximize the conversion rate of our website, make our customers more trust in our station so as to improve the income of the guest of Taobao.

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two, we will place after site keywords optimization up is one of the key points, we have to do is not only to allow customers to see a single page ranking, but also allow customers to see the user comments on the witness. What we can do, a blog is not sticky? We can be the first of 3 articles on top, the 3 articles contained we want to promote products, some products, and also let the customer trust customer reviews. You can write your own comments, can also go to Taobao’s evaluation copy, but also to write the product advantages and disadvantages, so as to further give clients a booster. In order to make our station can have a stable ranking update is essential, there is in addition to the previous 3, the back of the article is constantly changing, because spiders love website home page changes every day, so as to further improve the weight of the website.

When you pass the

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